Full Moon in Sagittarius, June 4, 2023

The Full Moon is in mutable signs, but the dominant energy is fixed, as Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto, plus the Moon’s Nodes and Lilith are all in fixed signs. And yet, there is an interesting dynamic going on, more fluid than one might expect.

With the Full Moon in Sagittarius and the Sun in Gemini, this is a sociable and talkative Full Moon. In social settings, we all inspire each other, expanding the inner realm of the imagination. Fly with it, and maybe one or the other becomes a seed to be planted in reality.

Or not. The Full Moon in Sagittarius and the Sun in Gemini do not make aspects with other planets in the chart, except for a weak and separating square with Saturn.

Mercury conjunct Uranus

The next most powerful aspect is the Mercury/Uranus conjunction in Taurus. Mars and Uranus are ‘mental’ planets, and they can be stubborn in Taurus. Inflexibility can express itself in a myriad of situations. Arguing in this mindset is fruitless. Or, it may show up as ‘the devil’s advocate’. Scepticism can be appropriate when testing theories, but it can also be lead, downing every lofty proposition or wild idea.

Jupiter conjunct North Node

Jupiter has moved further into Taurus and just passed the North Node. This brings expansive and optimistic energy to visions and ideas concerning the future. Be careful what you wish for – it might come true!

Jupiter square Pluto and Venus (dissociate)

Pluto opposite Venus (dissociate)

This T-square is not strong. The orb between Jupiter and Pluto is 4°, and Venus is dissociated, meaning these two planets don’t share the same energetic mould. Venus is in the cardinal sign of Cancer, and Jupiter is in Taurus. But they share a receptive quality (earth/water). We can see this in the current discussions about what it means to be human in the face of revolutionary technologies that are changing our way of life. Like it or not, it will affect everybody. And, as with all new tools, they can be a force for good or bad, depending on who uses them and to what end. Yet, it is understandable that some parts of us want to cling to the past, despite its flaws.

Pluto squares the North Node

We are unlikely to be aware of the implications of this aspect, even though it may affect us on the social scale.

Neptune trine Venus

Venus is just separating from a trine with Neptune. Both planets are in water signs. There may be a sense of nostalgia or romance in the air. Perhaps you are feeling smitten or kissed by the muse. Neptune is an idealist, and Venus in Cancer sees only what it wants to see.

Mars quincunx Saturn

Mars in Leo shows a lot of enthusiasm and drive, but the quincunx with Saturn is tricky. Saturn sees lack and needs everywhere, which can be distracting. If it fails to direct Mars’ energy, Mars might overcompensate, pretending to be in control. Yet, Saturn can see through the disguise of the imposter. Action is better than fretting.