Astrological Forecast for June 2023

Let’s look at the astrological weather for the month of June, as we are approaching the zenith of the year. (Can you believe it?)

June 1-3, 2023

A quincunx between Mars and Saturn kicks things off on June 1. It is not the most harmonious aspect. More like trying to change gears without a clutch. The drives do not align. But on June 2, Jupiter joins the North Node, and Venus trines Jupiter, spreading a more convivial atmosphere.


June 4 – 8, 2023

The Full Moon on June 4 will be a lively affair. Mercury conjuncts Uranus, a provocative combination. But be careful – words have real consequences. Once let out into the world, we can no longer control them.

Venus enters Leo on June 5, bringing with her an air of exuberance and fun – with some drama thrown in for good measure. As soon as she crosses the threshold, Venus opposes Pluto – the diva will be on full display.

On June 6, the Sun forms a sesquiquadrate with Pluto, thickening the plot. Both move on to aspect the nodes, creating a broader ripple effect to the unfolding story.


June 9 – 12, 2023

Mercury sextiles Neptune on June 9 – opportunity lurks in the imagination. But June 11 brings a turbulent turnaround. Mercury enters Gemini and trines Pluto just before the latter slides back into Capricorn.

Pluto won’t return to Aquarius until next year, but even the brief toe-dip in the Aquarian waters amply illustrates the direction he (and we) will be taking. The whole predicament of AI technology, the good, the bad and the ugly, and how we can best use AI without destroying ourselves – those are the prevalent themes. On top of it, we may have to grapple with Star Wars (for real), and technological advances that can obliterate scores of jobs – and not just the most menial. Rebellion is bound to accompany these social changes. The greatest challenge will be finding ways to use technological advances for the common good without leaving half of the world’s population behind. Read more about Pluto in Aquarius here.

On the same day, Mars sesquiquadrates Neptune, which can feel frustrating when things don’t work out as imagined, something gets in the way or derails us. Venus squares Jupiter, and we may put too much on our plates. Too much of a good thing can be, well, just too much. The Sun semi-squares Jupiter, and semi-sextiles Uranus – if we feel overwhelmed by all these dynamics, it might be best to take an unexpected left. This day brings highly complex energy dynamics. The keys to navigating this turbulence are flexibility and quick thinking. These intricate aspects set the scene for the build-up to the New Moon on June 18.


June 13 – 18, 2023

Be prepared for some dissonant energies on June 13. Venus casts a quincunx to Saturn, a signature of resentment when the burden of duty prevents us from doing what we’d rather do. The Sun semi-squares Venus on the same day. It is all very vexing.

On June 15, Mercury challenges Saturn with a square, demanding reasons and explanations. He sextiles Venus on June 17, reminding us, that we only need to change perspective to change our reality. The New Moon on June 18, is ambivalent. Generate as many ideas as possible and allow your inner wisdom to guide you through the maze. Although it is often best not to spread ourselves too thinly, take the time to review whether your current actions will take you where you want to go. Consider all our options, but don’t jump to conclusions. Listen to your inner voice and have faith in your own process. Clear the deck and tidy up loose ends.


June 19 – 20, 2023

On June 19, there is plenty of activity in the stars, and things may come to a head. The Sun squares Neptune, which can dilute or confuse the Sun’s will. Jupiter sextile Saturn is a constructive aspect, especially when learning new skills or hatching plans. Mercury forms a sesquiquadrate with Pluto, and Venus makes a sesquiquadrate with Neptune. Subconscious forces resist the change and block. Fear, reluctance, or not knowing where to start can create anguish and consequences if we lean towards stubbornness.


June 21 – 25, 2023

On June 21, the Sun enters Cancer for the Midsummer Solstice and quincunxes Pluto on the doorstep. It is not the most comfortable aspect for celebrating the peak of the Sun’s journey, but mirrors the bitter-sweet turning of the wheel of time.

On June 22, Mercury sextiles Mars and Chiron, and semi-sextiles Uranus. A stimulating time. Mars trines Chiron on June 23, and the Sun sextiles the North Node, while Mercury semi-squares Jupiter. It is a bit of a shuffle, and overstimulation can be exhausting.

On June 25, Mercury squares Neptune, which puts fact and fiction in juxtaposition.


June 25 – 30, 2023

The following day, on June 26, Mars squares Uranus, and Mercury quincunxes Pluto just before he changes signs. A revelation can spark anger and uproar. Hidden facts now pop into full view.

Mercury enters Cancer on June 27 – signalling a more reflective and inward-looking time. On June 28, the Sun semi-squares Uranus and on June 29, trines Saturn while Mercury semi-squares Venus. The mood is changing and getting more prudent and sensible, which casts a shadow over the more immediate urges for gratification.