Eclipse Full Moon in Scorpio, May 5, 2023


This Full Moon takes place in fixed signs, with the Moon in Scorpio and the Sun conjunct with retrograde Mercury in Taurus. Despite the lack of tight aspects, the horoscope is tangibly dynamic and full of potential. It is like a planetary brainstorming session.


Sun conjunct Uranus
Full Moon in Scorpio opposite Sun/Uranus

Although the Sun is still 4° away from Uranus, it is a wild card that can easily throw us off-track. The spectrum of manifestations is broad, but all are likely to bring change on some fundamental level. It could spell reform, an urge for freedom and liberty, or to push back against confining conventions. We are entering rough seas in the cosmic energy field, which will rock the boat. It may be hard to maintain the status quo. When we repress this kind of energy, it may manifest through outside forces we cannot control. But a sudden upset can also open the doors to hitherto unimagined possibilities.


Mercury retrograde

Mercury is retrograde, which always slows things down and can bring delays. It can be frustrating if we are waiting for something – a letter, a call, or results. Or, things crop up that make us realize we should change course. Some unexpected information may emerge, but probably still not the complete story. Occasionally, Mercury can bring a windfall or surprise opportunity, which may catch us off-guard. But be aware that it may later turn out to be more than you bargained for. If something seems too good to be true, it probably is.


Mars sextile Uranus, Mars sesqui-quadrate Saturn

Mars’ closest aspects are with Saturn and Uranus. The sextile to Uranus dares us to explore. What would happen if…? But Mars in Cancer keeps his safety gear on when he enters unknown territory. But he is also apt to pick up the wrong end of the stick and overreact. It does not take much to scratch that thin skin. The sesqui-quadrate to Saturn indicates that it may be challenging to deal with the consequences.


Venus sextile Jupiter, square Neptune

Venus in Gemini sextiles Jupiter in Aries and squares Neptune in Pisces. Jupiter is full of fire and not always tactful, while Venus in Gemini can be double-faced. The combination may make for highly persuasive rhetoric, but a different agenda may lurk beneath. Neptune semi-sextile Jupiter and squares Venus, adding a layer of confusion and perhaps even deliberate smokescreens to the blend. Listen carefully to the subtext between the lines.


Chiron semi-sextile Uranus

Uranus and Chiron continue to hold their semi-sextile relationship, but it is widening, making the impact much less intense. The long shadow of the pandemic and related public health issues has not gone away but dissipated to a degree that makes us almost forget what we have all been through.



This chart is full of energy, but the time to act has not yet arrived, even if the balls are dropping, and you feel pushed – or lured – to move forward. Hang in there and let more details emerge before jumping to a conclusion. Don’t overreact to minor issues, but explore all emerging possibilities.