Astrological Overview for May 2023

It’s time for our Astrological Overview for May 2023. Let’s take a closer look at what’s happening in the stars this month. Even if spring is slow to get going, once May comes knocking, it suddenly hits us – the year is in full swing! Early spring flowers have given way to a fully booming floral bonanza. Half the year is almost over.

The beginning of May is a good time to take stock. The energy is still rising, even though the outer planets are about to enter their annual retro-mode. How far have we come with all our plans and projects?

May 1:

Pluto begins its annual retrogradation. He has been dipping his toes into Aquarian waters since February but will cross the line going back and forth between Capricorn and Aquarius a few times before taking the plunge for good. You can read the full low-down on Pluto’s transit through Aquarius here. Mercury is retrograde and conjunct with the Sun. It also semi-squares Neptune. Astrology is nudging us to take a moment to review our progress and revise our goals, if appropriate. Have we been overambitious? Or perhaps another voice trying to get our attention and pulling us in a different direction? Give yourself the time to have this conversation with yourself. It will be well worth it!

May 2:

The focus is on Neptune, receiving a semi-square from the Sun and a semi-sextile from Jupiter. Sometimes inspiration comes from irksomeness. Is the imagination setting you up for disappointment? Self-doubt and jealousy can undermine your dreams.

Don’t just sit and wait for negative feelings to pass. Take Jupiter’s encouragement and do your thing. Trust your process, regardless of how others may judge it.

The energies are building up to the Full Moon, the last eclipse in the Scorpio/Taurus polarity, before the nodal axis shifts into Libra/Aries, in July.

May 3:

Mercury semi-squares Venus, and Mars forms a sesqui-square with Saturn. Stubbornness triggers a battle of wills that becomes more entrenched as the day progresses.

May 4:

Venus squares Neptune. Hurt feelings create a sense of regret. Or perhaps the aspect manifests as a display of smokescreens as we try to evade facing up to our part in the blame game.

Just before exacting its opposition to the Sun on May 5, the Moon conjuncts the North Node, setting off the eclipse. If these run-up aspects touch your personal planets or angles, the events taking place now are likely to affect your big-picture long-term plans.

May 5:

Venus sextiles Jupiter, a stimulating aspect, but it is best to act on it while it is in the air. Venus can be lazy, and coupled with Jupiter’s penchant for indulgence, this positive aspect may come to nothing, except a pleasant but lazy day. Given that it coincides with the eclipse, which offers an opportunity for changing the trajectory, it would be a shame to waste it.

Eclipses are always significant, but this one holds a wild card. The Sun is close to Uranus, and the nodes hover between squaring Pluto and forming a sextile/trine with Saturn. Uranus adds an element of surprise, which can sometimes be quite abrupt! The nodal aspects force a change of perspective and require that we face our fears.

May 7:

Venus changes signs on May 7. As soon as she enters Cancer, she forms a quincunx with Pluto. Venus in Cancer is intensely loyal, but can also be jealous and clingy. There is a conflict between our need for closeness and intimacy and the need for autonomy and personal space. Both demand satisfaction, but are difficult to bring under one hat. Check in with yourself to see if your basic emotional needs are being met. Reflect on how to nurture yourself in a caring, positive and authentic way that does not dwell on the past.

May 9:

The Sun’s conjunction with Uranus is exact. Even though this is an annual event, it adds to the cosmic drama. Expect the unexpected.

May 11:

Venus sextiles the North Node and semi-squares Uranus. Squabbles over personal autonomy could spark a spat. Be authentic, but also be mindful of others. Every action (even inaction) elicits a reaction.

May 12:

Mercury, still retrograde, sextiles Saturn and, on the following day, Venus. This is Mercury paying attention, consolidating, affirming, and solidifying bonds.

May 13:

Venus trines Saturn, underlining the theme of May 12. Make the most of this opportunity and go over all the details. Be honest with yourself and others.

The second half of the month brings auspicious changes.

May 15:

Mercury turns direct, and Mars in Cancer trines Neptune in Pisces. The floodgates are open. This could be wet in every sense. But even if we stay dry, we may get swept away by fanciful ideas or a wave of creative inspiration. It may just be the fuel we need to get moving!

May 16:

Jupiter crosses the cusp and moves into Taurus for the first time in 12 years. After its blustery sojourn in Aries with all its sabre-rattling bravado, this change of sign heralds a more stable time. But not so fast – before things can calm down, there are quite a few scores to settle.

May 18:

The run-up to the New Moon is full of energy. Jupiter squares Pluto on May 18, which may be a wake-up call for those pursuing power. The need to control everything may actually prevent you from achieving your goals.

On the same day, the Sun sextiles Neptune. Imagination is the key to interpreting perception. But this aspect is all about the possibility of changing the way we think about ourselves.

May 19:

The New Moon brings an opportunity to turn the page. Mercury sextiles Saturn, which will keep things in perspective and down-to-earth.

May 20:

Mars moves into Leo, a boisterous sign that gives him the full range of fiery and creative expression. But the biggest challenge for Mars in Leo is to keep his pride in check.

May 21:

Mars opposes Pluto. Keeping anger or pride under control may be difficult. But anger is fear and/or pain in disguise. Instead of facing it, we push it out, reacting with rage instead of going to the source of that pain.

Mars/Pluto can be selfish and even ruthless. But transformation can only happen when we shift the focus from blame to self-examination. When we face that pain and nurture the wounded self.

On the same day, the Sun enters Gemini and trines Pluto. In this airy sign, it is easy to dissociate from that dark energy by trivialising it. But this conflict is not over yet.

May 22:

The Sun sextiles Mars and semi-sextiles Jupiter, lightening things up. There is an opportunity to visit the meta-level and look at the situation from there.

May 23

Mars squares Jupiter. The emphasis seems to have shifted to arguing over right and wrong and challenging whatever came to light. The debate continues for the next few days.

May 24:

Chiron is the focus, receiving a semi-square from the Sun and a square from Venus. This serves as a reminder that a healing crisis precedes recovery.

May 25:

The Sun semi-squares Venus, a reminder that it is never easy to overcome temptation by an act of will – especially when we feel ambivalent about it. Whether this conflict is internal or projected, it is a matter of which inner voice we choose to listen to.

May 26:

Venus sextiles Uranus. An unexpected possibility may arise, but Mars squares the North Node. Some opportunities only tempt us to chase shiny objects that get us off track.

May 27:

The Moon adds more troublesome aspects to this period by squaring the Sun, semi-squaring Venus, and opposing Saturn. This is no time to relax! Keep close contact with your feelings by letting the body be the sounding board. What is it trying to tell you?

May 28:

Venus sesqui-squares Saturn, the Sun squares Saturn and Mercury semi-squares Neptune. Take a deep breath and be kind to yourself. There is a lot going on that requires careful processing. Reflect on what lies at the root of this confusing period. Some things are beyond our control. That is uncomfortable, but you can still choose how to respond to circumstances, even if they are less than ideal.

The rest of the month gives us time to process all this stuff in a blend of emotional ups and downs, which change with the Moon. Hold on to the core and resist getting pulled out of your centre and into the turbulent periphery.

It’s swings and roundabouts. For now, just hold on and keep your eyes on the horizon.