Full Moon in Libra, April 6, 2023

The spring of 2023 brings significant changes. First, Saturn entered Aquarius in February, and now Pluto has crossed the cusp into Aquarius. After an exhausting and challenging transit through Capricorn that eroded trust in governmental institutions, Pluto in Aquarius will bring further social upheaval. If history is anything to go by, it could be a wild and unpredictable time ahead of us that will change the fabric of society. During its previous stay in that sign, revolutions raged in the United States and Europe, paving the way for democracy.

The Zeitgeist is moving on, and something quite different brews on the horizon. Technology already affects our lives in ways we don’t yet fully understand. Our utopian fantasies are evolving into a new reality. But will it be a dream come true or a nightmare?


Sun conjunct Chiron/Jupiter opposite Moon

On this Full Moon, the Sun is closely conjunct with Chiron and, less tightly, with Jupiter. Chiron is the wounded healer. Self-awareness is the key to personal growth. We must recognize and understand our vulnerabilities before they can transform into superpowers. But Jupiter in Aries sees vulnerability as a weakness and believes he is invincible. The greatest challenge is to face our fears and work through them.


Sun semi-sextile Uranus / Moon quincunx Uranus

The Full Moon is also entangled with Uranus. Quincunxes often represent a dilemma or no-win situation while a semi-sextile can manifest as just a hunch that may eventually lead to a breakthrough. When looked at in a solution-focused way, the problem itself reveals itself as the solution.


Jupiter semi-square Saturn

These two grandees of the planetary family are in a perpetual dance, moving back and forth, giving rhythm to time. A semi-square indicates a novel influence is creeping in, not yet fully fledged, but creating a sense of unease or frustration. Wanting and doing are two different things. Jupiter in Aries is impatient and sometimes tactless.


Mars in Cancer

After a seemingly endless stay in Gemini (since August 2022), Mars has finally changed signs. In Cancer, Mars can be a bit overprotective and insecure. It operates on gut-level instinct, but those feelings are not always accurate. Don’t overreact – you might regret it later.


Mars trine Saturn

Mars and Saturn are both in water signs and in trine to each other. Saturn is a grounding force, but in Pisces, the ground can be muddy. The trine between these two planets suggests more passive aggression than we are used to from Mars.


Mercury sextile Saturn

Mercury is in Taurus and sextiling Saturn. He is trying to stabilize things by holding on to reason and seeking the truth. Taurus is not one to push the boundaries, but it stands its ground.


Venus sextile Neptune

The sextile between Venus in Taurus and Neptune in Pisces is an aspect of inspiration and exploration. Artistic types might experience it as the kiss of the muse. This highly creative influence enables them to channel Neptunian inspiration into works of Art.