New Moon in Pisces

20 February 2023


Minor aspects dominate the horoscope for the New Moon in Pisces, suggesting that things are in formation, not yet fully fledged. Like waves stirred by invisible currents, subtle influences can swing things this way or that. 


Pisces is a dual sign. It knows the darkest abyss and ‘cloud nine’ in the spiritual heavens. Although it may seem like a vast ocean separates heaven from Hades, neither can exist without the other, and all that really stands between them is a big swing door.  


Earthly existence is filled with moments of fleeting beauty and terror in the face of the void. The human dilemma is the burden of self-responsibility. We must choose at every turn and must live with the consequences. 


Pisces feels the weight of the world upon its shoulders, and sometimes it is simply too much to bear. One of the fishes slips away and may give into a fatalistic mindset: 

‘God is beyond comprehension. Whatever will be, will be.’

But it is a false comforter that actually disempowers us. We deny our agency and cease being the captains of our ships.


New Moon in Pisces conjunct dissociated Saturn in Aquarius

The Sun and Moon form a dissociated conjunction with Saturn, which drags its heels through the last degrees of Aquarius. The New Moon in Pisces appears ready for change, but it is overshadowed by Saturn’s legacy.


New Moon in Pisces semi-sextile Venus in Pisces

In the same sign, but connected to Venus at 29° Pisces by a semi-sextile, feels like a last-ditch effort, a pivotal moment. Venus has already moved through Pisces and is about to reach the Aries shore, while the Sun and Moon have just entered Pisces.


Pluto forms a sextile with Venus, and Saturn sits between them, casting a semi-sextile to both.


This combination somehow has a tragic feel – like love as sacrifice. It may imply great suffering for the sake of an impersonal cause. Deeply felt spiritual devotion makes the burden easier to bear.


Venus conjunct Neptune

Venus and Neptune are conjunct in Pisces, a highly idealistic combination, but it is also unrealistic. These two planets can easily get carried away by fanciful imaginations and the promise of pie in the sky. But, they also bring mercy to justice and expose the human story. 


Mars trine Mercury

Mars/Mercury sextile Chiron (midpoint)

The combination of Mars and Mercury can be persuasive when advocating new ideas. But Gemini is fickle and does not necessarily mean what it says. The rhetoric is good, though, and may pull things off by bluffing its way through. This aspect has the best chances of success when doubts are nibbed in the bud. Chiron, positioned at the midpoint in Aries, shows that bold action wins the day, despite losses.


Uranus (midpoint) semi-sextile Mars and Chiron

There is another midpoint to consider: Uranus, right between Mars and Chiron, mirrors the picture described above. But Uranus, with its unconventional and unpredictable edge, throws a curveball. 


Change is always disruptive, even when planned. There will always be unexpected side effects. That does not mean we should avoid change – we can’t stop it anyway – but we must be ready for it.

(This aspect pattern brings to mind chatGPT and all the uncertainty about the future of the digital publishing world).


Venus semi-square Uranus

Uranus in Taurus is the proverbial bull in the China shop, and Venus in Pisces is super sensitive. This combination feels quite uncomfortable. Tuck in your toes – someone is bound to stomp on them.


Saturn semi-square Chiron

The semi-square between Saturn and Chiron echoes the uneasiness. The more sensitive or rational planets find bold action threatening and prefer a gentler approach. But that option may not be on the table.