Astrological Overview for February 2023

We live in turbulent times. Let’s take a closer look at the astrological happenings to see how February is going to shape up.


February 1 – 3, 2023

At first, all is quiet as February rolls around. The Sun sextiles Chiron on February 1, and Venus sextiles the North Node on the 2nd. The lessons of the recent public health crises are being integrated. Perhaps we even learn something from them.



February 4 – 5, 2023

But, the next difficult turn is already lurking around the corner. A square between the Sun and Uranus on February 4, and between Venus and Mars on the Full Moon, on February 5, looks pretty lively. Will it be a watershed moment? Perhaps. There is certainly the potential for things to come to a head. Uranus is known as a disruptor. He throws spanners in the works just to see how we deal with them.
Keep calm, and think outside the box. Unique and unconventional solutions are likely to fare best. Nevertheless, the road ahead may come off to a bumpy (or wobbly) start.



February 6 -8, 2023

Needs and wants might be at odds. Yet, such challenges demand a creative response that can open up new opportunities.
The following days provide an opportunity to integrate recent experiences or to explore further. But the process is a cha-cha-cha rather than a smooth flow. Boldness might reap the rewards, but it is a struggle. Still, if you believe in your vision or idea, hold on to it and pursue it regardless of nay-sayers fears.
Mercury semi-sextiles Saturn, which requires us to be realistic. It may be easy to spot an opportunity, but pursuing it is an entirely different story.



February 9 – 10, 2023

Mars might have his own ideas and is not bashful when defending them. But this could raise more than eyebrows and lead to arguments on February 9, when the proverbial sh*t is flying. Things that long ago were swept aside are now finding their way out of the cupboard. Some poignant revelations could change perceptions and cause a backlash around February 10, when Mercury conjuncts Pluto.



February 11 – 13, 2023

The following day, on February 11, Mercury enters Aquarius, an air sign that enhances Mercury’s intellectual flair. Innovative, strategic thinking gets a boost. On February 12, the Sun semi-squares Jupiter, and semi-sextiles Neptune. Wanting to achieve too much too fast can create its own problems. But if we allow ourselves to go with the flow, Neptune comes to the rescue.



February 14 – 16, 2023

Valentine’s Day is a mixed bag. The influence of the sesquiquadrate between Mars and Pluto, and the Venus/ Neptune conjunction, exact on February 15, will already be felt. A strong desire, bordering on obsession, is fuelled by romantic fantasies, yet, it may well be frustrated. Sometimes, wanting someone too much will scare the other person away. Romantic infatuation may also unleash insecurities and darker fantasies. Try to keep jealousy in check, and don’t over-interpret what you may perceive as ‘signs’.

On February 16, the Sun conjuncts Saturn. Astrologically, this is like ‘the morning after the night before’, when you wake up and realize, you might have gone too far, or that things are not quite what you thought they were.

Romance is magic, but if it is to be sustained, it has to be brought down to earth, and become integrated into mundane routines. But, once that process sets in, the infatuation often shrivels and fades. Mere fantasies cannot not persist in the light of day.



February 17 – 18, 2023

The next few days bring aspects that are significant, even if not particularly strong. First, Mercury semi-squares Neptune on February 17. He is good at digging out hidden facts and exposing delusions for what they are.

By February 18, the fog begins to clear. Mercury sextiles Jupiter, the Sun semi-sextiles Pluto, Mars semi-sextiles Uranus, and Venus semi-sextiles Saturn, all just before the Sun enters Pisces. This looks like a very dynamic moment. The possibilities are endless. But for the moment, there is no need to settle on any of these options immediately. The more you spin your ideas, the more emerge.



February 19 – 21, 2023

On February 19, the eve of the New Moon, Venus sextiles Pluto. This Venus demands that everything be on the table. She is in no mood to play games. This is a chance to turn a page and come clean on everything. If there are old issues, which need airing, this is a good time for emotional healing.

Following the New Moon on February 20, processing its energies is still challenging. Venus is now in Aries and strong-willed, direct, and uncompromising. If you know what you want, go for it, but also expect that others might not be willing to stand by to applaud.

Immediately after, Venus crosses into Aries on February 21, she forms a semi-square with Uranus, and Mercury squares Uranus. At this time, things won’t be running as smoothly as you hoped. Stubbornness or unexpected external events can be the culprit.



February 22 – 25, 2023

But on February 22, Mercury trines Mars, suggesting a more positive, ‘can-do’ attitude. Sometimes success and failure are separated only by conviction.



February 26 – 28, 2023

Mercury semi-squares Venus on February 26, but the Sun sends her to a semi-sextile. She may not be very eloquent or tactful, but confidence wins the day. The final aspect of the month is a semi-sextile between Mercury and Neptune. We are facing March with a sense of hope and expectation. Spring is near, and with it, new plans and possibilities arise.