New Moon in Aquarius, January 21, 2023

Aquarius is often seen as an eccentric oddball who breaks the rules of convention. He is not just motivated by defiance, but by conviction. He is adamant about his opinions on personal freedom and individual rights – but does not apply the same rule to others.

The downside of Aquarian idealism is the bitter disappointment when others fail to behave in ways that do not comply with the Aquarian sense of righteousness. A black-and-white vision lacks differentiation and subtlety, and often leads to disillusionment and sometimes bitter disappointment.


Venus conjunct Saturn in Aquarius

The Sun and Moon join Venus and Saturn in Aquarius. Although Venus and Saturn are closely conjunct, they are too far from the Sun and Moon to conjunct them. Lilith is in Leo, directly opposite the New Moon. In mundane affairs, this draws attention to human rights (and its abuses) as the main topic of this chart.

The conjunction between Saturn and Venus highlights power structures regulating the social care of older people, especially women.

On a personal level, the aspects demand that we find a balance between our own needs and the demands of the social sphere. It is not always easy to bring these two aspects of our existence in line.


Mercury quincunxes Mars

The other planets more or less stay out of the picture. Mercury quincunxes Mars, both of which have now gone direct. Mercury in Capricorn is strategic and plotting, which is not very compatible with the impulsive energy of Mars in Gemini, which can be erratic and non-committal. Mars benefits from firm principles to guide its energy, lest it becomes scattered, wasteful, or destructive.


Jupiter and Chiron in Aries sextile Mars, and square Mercury

Jupiter and Chiron in Aries sextile Mars, and square Mercury, making it impulsive and impatient. But immediate gratification does not always benefit long-term goals. Sometimes it is more beneficial to step back and consider the overall situation and long-term plan. Impulsive action can lead to regret.


Neptune in Pisces semi-sextile Saturn and Venus in Aquarius

This minor aspect helps us see the big picture beyond the fractious dynamics of binary thinking. A holistic perspective promotes understanding and healing across the apparent divides.