Astrological Forecast for December 2022

The astrological forecast gives an overview of what to expect in December 2022, as we come to the end of another turbulent and often dramatic year. The wheel of time is approaching its turning point – make the most of the opportunity to reflect on what you have achieved and where you see yourself headed come the new year.


December 01 – 05, 2022

The month kicks off with Venus opposing Mars. This can translate into relationship issues if you feel that your needs are not met. Venus in Sagittarius is on fire and generally optimistic. But Mars, slipping backwards through Gemini, could find it difficult to see the light. Gemini has a strongly dual nature, which at times can feel almost bipolar. It’s either all on or totally off.

On December 2, Mercury squares Neptune. Sometimes ideas form in the murky waters of the unconscious, but frustratingly, we cannot quite grasp them yet. Or, we get overwhelmed by a flood of details and things to take care of. It is too much of a tangle, and we can’t sort it out. On the same day, Venus sextiles Saturn. This aspect can be scheming. Charm is the most effective disguise for ambitious manoeuvres.

A slew of aspects on December 4 puts everybody on edge. The Sun casts a semi-square to Pluto, and Venus squares Neptune. There may be hidden factors or unspoken issues. The message is not getting through. But the Sun trines Chiron and Mercury semi-sextiles Pluto, so there may be a way to bring things up and clear the air.


December 06 – 09, 2022

The energy changes on December 6, when Mercury squares Jupiter right before entering Capricorn. Mercury can easily get distracted, especially by Jupiter in Pisces. Overwhelm alert! But once he enters Capricorn, he might get a grip and become more determined to get organized. A flurry of minor aspects on December 7 is somewhat irritating, but could stimulate creative problem-solving skills. The energies are mounting in the run-up to the Full Moon.

The Full Moon on December 8 conjuncts Mars in Gemini. If Mars were going direct, this would be highly energetic, but since he is still retrograde, it is not that straightforward. Mars may feel irritable and emotionally frazzled. Worries or thoughts going around in circles can turn into a mental maze.

December 09 – 14, 2022

Nevertheless, it appears to be a turning point. Crises often are. Venus squares Jupiter on December 9, just before entering Capricorn. This may be wishful thinking, but such fantasies can be the wind we need to jolt into action. On December 10, Venus changes signs and comes back down to earth – with a vision and the ambition to go after it. Mercury semi-squares Saturn, and Venus sesquisquares Uranus – all on the same day. Any time change is in the air, the nay-sayers will pipe up. Doubt might creep in. But with Uranus in the picture, we will probably ignore that negative voice and go ahead anyway. Or have a blowout over it!

On December 12, the Sun sextiles Saturn. There is a willingness to work things out and do whatever it takes. Aligning willpower with discipline is a big step on the right track. But it is not the whole picture. The Sun squares Neptune, and Venus semi-squares Saturn on December 14. Don’t be too hard on yourself! Veering off-track is not the end of the world. You choose your rules, and you can break them – if you wish.


December 15 – 19, 2022

On December 15, Mercury squares Chiron. Some issue that hasn’t been dealt with now raises its head. The question is, will it turn into an open sore, or can the situation be remedied? The quincunx between Mercury and Mars on December 16 suggests that it won’t just go away, and actionable solutions are hard to find. The following days are a dance of one step forward, two steps back – progressing in a see-saw motion.

Mercury trines Uranus on December 17, which could produce an unexpected windfall, a little stroke of luck, or an unusual coincidence. But the following day, Mars forms a sesquiquadrate with Pluto, which looks more ominous. Try not to overreact, or you might regret it later. But pay close attention to what lies beneath the outward struggle or argument. Try to understand why it is affecting you the way it does. More stuff may be happening beneath the surface than you are willing to admit. The Sun forms a semi-sextile with Pluto, which shows us that there is creative potential in all our rejects – if we are willing to take a closer look. On the same day, Venus squares Chiron and quincunxes Mars. Nobody said it would be easy, but denial is no option. A sextile between Mars and Chiron indicates that we can learn from the situation and integrate the seemingly disparate parts. We might just have to be more flexible and think outside the box.


December 20 – 28, 2022

Everything changes on December 20 when Jupiter moves into Aries, and the Sun transitions into Capricorn the following day. All dials are set on ‘go’ – even though these two giants will be squaring each other just as they change signs. Jupiter in Aries likes a bit of bravado, but the Sun in Capricorn is more scheming and prefers a tactical approach. Impatience is the likely outcome, which is accentuated by the sesquiquadrate between the Sun and Uranus on the same day. It seems to be a bit of a muddle, but on December 22 Venus trines Uranus, which indicates that there may be a surprise bonus after the initial frustration.

The New Moon in Capricorn on December 23 tests our resolve and motivation, and Jupiter semi-squares Uranus on December 24. Some hopes may be dashed or require a more flexible response to a challenging situation. On December 25, Mercury sextiles Neptune, looking for the bright side of life. When Venus semi-sextiles Saturn on December 28, and the Sun semi-squares Saturn, highlighting the challenge of self-belief.


December 29 – 31, 2022

On December 29, Venus conjuncts Mercury and sesquiquadrates Mars. Eloquence overcomes bullying. Mercury is stationary and just about to go retrograde, a suitable time for catching up with things that have been pushed aside. But it won’t be a turbo-start to the new year. The final aspect on December 30 is an ambiguous and hard-to-pin-down quincunx between the Sun and Mars. We transition into the New Year accompanied by a conjunction between Venus and Pluto. It’s going to be deep.