New Moon in Sagittarius
November 23, 2022



New Moon in Sagittarius

The fiery New Moon in Sagittarius is highly dynamic. It brings fresh energy, enthusiasm, and new ideas. Think of it as a bag of fleas – impossible to contain.


Mercury conjunct Venus

Mercury and Venus are also in Sagittarius, but not conjunct the New Moon. This makes for scattered energy. There is nowhere to go for all this fire, despite the zest. We might find ourselves full of fire and champing at the bit, but circumstances may not yet be ready for action.

But, the conjunction between Mercury and Venus makes for creative cooperation. The Sagittarian hubbub suggests a sparkling idea-generating process, which is always great for artists, but also represents the first step in any creative problem-solving process.

Mars trine Saturn

Mars is retrograde and casting a trine to Saturn. This pattern has been going on for a while. It indicates a concerted effort to concentrate all available resources on strategic planning. Maintaining flexibility while staying focused on a goal is the name of the game.


Mercury trine Chiron

The trine between Mercury and Chiron suggests more fluid dynamics regarding health matters. Mental health moves into focus.


Jupiter/Neptune sextile Pluto

The sextile between Pluto in Capricorn and the Jupiter/Neptune conjunction in Pisces is not very tight. It probably has little bearing on the overall situation. But the spiritual and visionary energy of Jupiter and Neptune may find an outlet for expression.


Saturn semi-sextile Neptune

The sextile between Saturn and Neptune might stimulate the impulse for this spiritual energy. Semi-sextiles show a budding potential, which needs a lot of TLC and unwavering focused attention to develop and grow. If you are thinking of starting a spiritual practice, this would be an excellent time to establish the habit.