Astrological Forecast for November 2022

November 1 – 7, 2022

November begins without much bravado. Only the Moon in Aquarius influences the shifting mood, which is sober but somewhat detached.

Venus quincunxes Chiron on November 2, signifying a slight dilemma as we can’t have things both ways, yet find it hard to settle for either option. The Sun casts a sesquiquadrate to Mars. Someone might be irritable about not getting their way.

Venus joins the nodal axis at the south node on November 3. She likes her comfort, but always siding with pleasure and comfort can hold us back. Mercury forms a sesquiquadrate with Neptune and Venus with Jupiter. Both Neptune and Jupiter are in slippery Pisces. Trying to nail things down can prove frustrating. It’s like playing darts in the fog. There are too many variables or unknowns. The Moon is also in Pisces, stirring emotional sensitivity.

These undercurrents will become increasingly apparent by November 5. Mercury casts a sesquiquadrate to Mars, the Sun quincunxes Chiron before joining the south node, and Venus opposes Uranus -quite a handful. Be sure to stay well-grounded, as these energies are hard to balance. The Moon in Aries fuels hot tempers and impatience. While it may be necessary to draw a line, there is no need to put up a barbed wire fence.

The mood continues to intensify in the run-up to the Full Moon, which also happens to be an eclipse. Eclipses are particularly emotionally charged that often indicate a pivotal moment, even if their significance is not yet visible.

On November 6, Mercury quincunxes Chiron, the Sun casts a sesquiquadrate to Jupiter, and Mercury joins the South Node. Some past issues may resurface and add more sauce to the brew.
The following day, on November 7, Venus squares Saturn, and Mercury casts a sesquiquadrate to Jupiter. Emotional distance makes communication more difficult.

Full Moon Eclipse, November 8 – 11, 2022

On the eclipse Full Moon in Taurus on November 8, the Sun conjuncts Mercury and both oppose Uranus (exact on November 9). Things may get quite turbulent. This is a very decisive picture; a moment of no return. These aspects are clearing the air.

On November 10, Mercury squares Saturn. Keeping things sober and rational will make it easier to find a solution, even in difficult situations. On the same day, Venus trines Neptune. There may even be a bit of nostalgia. When the Sun squares Saturn the following day, accepting the limitations may prevent further frustration. Yet, Mars quincunx Venus suggests discontent just beneath the brave face. Some needs remain unanswered.

November 12 – 19, 2022

On November 12, Mercury trines Neptune. The imagination receives a fresh impulse and can flow freely once more. The following days are marked by minor aspects that describe the creative struggle. Venus sextiles Pluto, rooting for depth, while Mercury quincunxes Mars on November 13. Action follows thought, but that is not always a smooth process. Although Venus and Mercury form sesquiquadrates with Chiron in short succession, the conundrum mellows out again by November 15 when Mercury sextiles Pluto, while the Sun trines Neptune and Venus trines Jupiter. Not everything is resolved, but there is goodwill.

The Sun quincunxes Mars the following day, and the energy might not flow where the will is trying to direct it.
The shift comes on November 17, when Mercury leaves broody Scorpio and enters Sagittarius. New ideas can now really catch fire. The Sun sextiles Pluto on November 18, just before leaving Scorpio. Set clear intentions and laser-sharpen your focus. Just expect resistance. It is the test of resolve.

On November 19, the Sun forms a sesquiquadrate with Chiron, while Mars squares Neptune. Uncertainty persists, but in the run-up to the New Moon, the incoming energy should clear the tables.

November 20 – 26, 2022
A trine between the Sun and Jupiter and a conjunction between Mercury and Venus are break-through aspects, especially as the Sun enters Sagittarius on November 22, on the eve of the New Moon.
These aspects provide powerful impulses on this New Moon in Sagittarius on November 23. The semi-square between Mercury and Pluto on November 24 may irritate but should not cast much of a shadow. When Venus trines Chiron on November 26, it clears the way for reconciliation.

November 27 -30, 2022

Of course, things are never as smooth and easy as they appear. The final days of November are more complex again. A trine between Mars and Saturn on November 28 is sandwiched between Mercury and Venus quincunxing Uranus. Mercury then opposes Mars on November 29 and finishes the month with a sextile to Saturn. If impatience can be controlled, a concentrated effort can achieve a lot. Mars is in Gemini and continues to go retrograde until early January. Mercury must rein in its horses and insist on an actual plan instead of letting Mars fly blind.