What’s going on in the stars in September 2022? Let’s take a closer look at the Astrological Forecast.

Summer is coming to an end already! Seems quite unbelievable, but there it is. The calendar tells me, it is September. We are shifting gear for the autumn quarter. But what do the planets have in store for us?

Astrological Forecast for September 2022.

The Preamble

In August, we became aware of some fundamental shifts, motions in the wings that are not yet fully manifest. Going forward, they require focused attention and conscious choice if we are to influence the future as it unfolds. We cannot stop these processes, but we can choose how to respond to the challenges.

At the beginning of September, Uranus is separating from the north node. We have heard the wake-up call, and the bell is still ringing in our ears. It is time to deal with the repercussions.

Uranus, and all the other heavy-weight outer planets, from Jupiter to Chiron, are retrograde. We are going through a uniquely reflective period and cannot carry on as if nothing is happening. We have come to a decisive moment worth honouring with some deep contemplation of the big questions.


September 1 – 4, 2022

On September 1, Mars sextiles retrograde Jupiter, and Mercury opposes him on September 3. The mood is generally positive and solution-focused but has an underlying volatile, unpredictable theme, as creative crises often do. Mercury in Libra is a diplomat, but retrograde Jupiter in Aries is a bit frustrated and seething, ready to shoot from the hip. Mars in Gemini can be a bit of a loose cannon. It can signify a deliberate provocation or false flag attack.

In personal relationships, consider your values and what is at stake before making careless comments that can’t be taken back. Mars in Gemini can be very cutting. Remember that words are one of the few things that can never be taken back.

On the inner level, this constellation can be fruitful for creatives. Such moments offer opportunities for inner dialogue to explore conflicts and their solution potential – a highly creative period.

The following days are marked by jarring aspects. Arguments or disagreements will take time to dissolve and for the dust to settle.


September 5 – 10, 2022

On September 5, Venus joins the Sun in Virgo, which is not her pride of place. In Virgo, Venus is more critical and fussy than in other signs. Little things can trigger irritation and discontent. But, on the positive side, it is an excellent time to clear out some clutter and tidy up one’s mess. Venus in Virgo is not a go-getter, but essential for clearing the runway and getting it ready for take-off. Check all your equipment in preparation for what is to come.

More inharmonious aspects lead the way to the Full Moon in Pisces on September 10. The Full Moon coincides with Mercury turning retrograde and sextiles Uranus and the North Node. This is less fractious than previous lunar constellations, but Neptune is also drawn into the picture. There is spiritual energy surrounding this chart. Perhaps, an attempt to reconcile things by placing them within a greater, more spiritual or philosophical perspective. It may remind us that certain things are beyond our control. Acceptance does make things right but helps us deal with them, even if difficult to swallow.

Mercury turning retrograde is adding yet more slog to the bog of retrograde motion. But Mercury is a more personal planet. We have all heard about his mischievousness regarding making all things related to travel and communication more difficult. But, considering how the summer has panned out, that is nothing new.
In Libra, however, Mercury is more concerned with exposing inharmonious relationship issues. It is a fallacy to think that Libra tries to keep things quiet at all costs. Libra is often a warrior sign that actively fights for peace and better relations. It does so by calling out the inequality and injustice in social relations. This applies to both the personal and the social spheres.


September 11 – 22, 2022

The following period leading up to the autumn equinox presents us with a mixed bag of aspects. It indicates that the issues are being called out and challenged.


September 23 – 25, 2022

On the equinox, the Sun directly conjuncts Mercury on the threshold between Virgo and Libra. This is the key moment of the month when we set the course for what is to come.

Two days later, the New Moon in Libra brings it all to a head. The Sun/Moon conjunction is right opposite Jupiter, who is still retrograding his way through Aries and just about to re-enter Pisces. This presents a direct challenge to rethink our goals, and if necessary, reset the course of action.

Mercury, still retrograde, has re-entered Virgo and conjuncts with Venus. Both oppose retrograde Neptune in Pisces. BS will not be tolerated. Venus, Mercury, the Sun and the Moon are trining Pluto, (although the New Moon casts a dissociate trine). This is a clear call for change.

The other significant factor is Saturn, which trines Mars and squares Uranus, still conjunct the North Node. Significant changes rarely come quietly. Clashes between the forces of Uranian change and saturnine repression are likely.


September 26 – 30, 2022

After this apex, the energies begin to flow, although there are still disagreements to sort out. Venus enters her domain of Libra on September 29. Will that make things more peaceful? We shall see. But Mercury turns direct again at the beginning of October, so we can expect a bit of a breather, but probably not for long.