August will be hot, and not just in terms of temperatures. We are in for an intense period, right from the get-go. At the heart of this commotion is the Uranus/North Node conjunction, which Mars now joins – and all three are squaring Saturn. A powerful signature of systemic change, which is unlikely to manifest in a flash, but rather as a fateful milestone that will change the course of history. The full impact, however, may not become apparent just yet, but will more likely dawn on us in hindsight.

Learning from the past 

The last time Uranus, Mars and the North Node were together in Taurus, was in 1855. Historians consider this period the apex of the Modern Era. The technological advances of that period changed our destiny.

In 1855, the invention of the Bessemer process made it possible to mass produce steel. On the surface, this may not seem like a big deal, but it was. Just consider what that meant for the development of modern machinery, including weapons of mass destruction, and the unimaginable demand for energy. This technological advance heralded the conflict over resources that formed the preamble to the first and second World Wars. It also made them possible.
This period was also significant for the Crimean Wars (1853-1856). This was the first time modern technologies such as railways, explosives, naval shells and telegraphs were extensively used in a militarized conflict.


August 1 – 4, 2022

Mars conjuncts the North Node and Uranus on August 1. On August 2 and 3, Venus sextiles them. This may ease the tension, if we are prepared to listen and learn from our deeper source of truth, instead of letting fear and attachment take charge of our decisions and actions.

Mercury enters Virgo on August 4, a sign he rules and feels comfortable in. This Mercury is sharp and analytical – a good mindset for paying attention to details!


August 5 – 9, 2022

In the build-up to the Full Moon, the atmosphere becomes increasingly prickly. On August 7, Venus trines Neptune and Mars squares Saturn. There may be talks signalling an effort to find solutions or at least calm the waters, but don’t be fooled. Mars square Saturn is highly irritable and explosive.

Venus opposes Pluto on August 11. Will it expose some scandal or injustice? Once brought to light, it can turn into a force of empowerment. On August 11, Venus enters Leo, reinforcing the theme. In Leo, Venus is affectionate, but also melodramatic and unabashed. She speaks out pulling any punches!


Full Moon, August 12, 2022

The Full Moon in Aquarius on August 12, conjuncts Saturn and draws attention to the energy bundle in Taurus – Mars, Uranus and the North Node, which it squares, along with Saturn. This powerful T-square holds all the attention on a knife’s edge.


August 14 – 22, 2022

The Sun opposes Saturn directly on August 14, a couple of days after the Full Moon. This period can bring focus to an inner struggle, where conflicting voices must be brought together into a cohesive sense of self. Test your inner values against the pressure of external obligations and determine how you can be true to yourself while also fulfilling external demands.

The following days are all about that struggle. A bunch of quincunxes and trines depict the process of active integration.

On August 20, Mars enters Gemini, a dodgy place for Mars. Gemini is more flexible than Taurus, but on the downside, Gemini constantly changes its tune. Don’t take anything at face value.

Mercury opposes Neptune on August 21, which can further confuse matters, even as it attempts to get to the bottom of it.


August 23 -27, 2022

On August 23, the Sun enters Virgo, a more detail-oriented and less dramatic sign. It is time to get organized and ready for the fall, which is just around the corner.

Between August 25 and 27, Venus squares the Mars/Uranus/North Node configuration in Taurus. A bit of a tug of war between diplomatic efforts and brute force to gain the upper hand. On August 26, Mercury enters Libra, underlining the need for diplomacy to find a viable compromise. But it is unlikely to emerge soon.


New Moon, August 27, 2022

The New Moon in Virgo on August 27 squares Mars, Venus opposes Saturn, and both square Uranus and the North Node. A lot is going on, and none of it looks straightforward!


August 28 – 31, 2022

The remaining days of August are about integrating the energies of the New Moon.

From the end of July through the end of August, we are seeing a pattern unfold that will lay the foundation for the future.
Stay present and ask yourself at every turn – is what I am doing aligned with my highest truth?