​Venus moves through Gemini

June 23 – July 18, 2022


Self-Presentation, Persona (Venus in Gemini, 1. House):

Self-Presentation, Persona (1. House):
When Venus in Gemini moves through the first house, there is a natural instinct to connect with people and be as sociable as possible. It is a perfect opportunity to make new friends and enjoy the company of others. Psychologically, Venus in Gemini lets her wits do the work of making an impression – they are great entertainers.


Money, Values (Venus in Gemini, 2. House):

In the house of money, Venus in Gemini sees shopping as a recreational activity. Resisting the temptation to splurge is nearly impossible. Money just evaporates…and turns into trinkets in front of her eyes. Psychologically, her sense of self-value is closely linked to her mental prowess.

Friends and Kin, Mental Processing (Venus in Gemini, 3. House):

A Venus transit through the house of siblings and kin is usually a pleasant and playful time. It livens up social interactions and sparks new interests of all kinds – flirting with ideas, so to speak.
Psychologically, Venus in Gemini’s ability to adapt to almost any social setting enables her to make the most unlikely connections.


Home and Family (Venus in Gemini, 4. House):

Venus in Gemini loves variation. In the home department of the horoscope, this transit could simply manifest as an urge to re-arrange the furniture. Even small changes can have a significant effect.
Or, this Venus transit could bring visitors and liven up communications. Psychologically, Venus in Gemini grapples with her emotional stuff either by talking about it, or by making fun of it.


Creativity, Children (Venus in Gemini, 5. House):

In the fifth house, Venus in Gemini enjoys creativity for the sheer fun of it. Artists and writers can really benefit from the kiss of the Venusian muse as it passes through the house of creativity. This transit is also fabulous for having fun with the kids. Everyone benefits. Psychologically, creativity is the ability to capture fleeting ideas or fragments of impressions and give them a life of their own.


Health, Work, Service (Venus in Gemini, 6. House):

At work, Venus in Gemini is the hub of communications. She has her fingers on the pulse and knows everything that is going on – because she listens. That puts her into a great position for networking – and magically, things get done.


Partnership, Relationship (Venus in Gemini, 7. House):

In the house of love and relationships, Venus in Gemini is flirtatious. Great fun to be around but impossible to pin down. Venus in Gemini feels threatened when there is the slightest hint of attachment strings – she will vanish in a squint. But, it is an inspiring transit for exchanging ideas, companionship, and plain old having fun. Psychologically, when a Venus in Gemini type appears on your horizon, it’s time to lighten up and get into your playful side.


Shared Assets, Inner Resources (Venus in Gemini, 8. House):

A Venus transit through the house of shared assets casts a positive light on financial dealings with (business) partners. Aim for win-win and use empathy to find the best compromise. Psychologically, shared assets provide an opportunity to study the complex interactions of ‘give and take’.


Travel, Study (Venus in Gemini, 9. House):

When Venus transits the ninth house of travel, it stimulates curiosity and thirst for knowledge. Her overriding motive for travelling is to meet people and see the world through their eyes. Psychologically, this transit is about learning by social observation.


Career, Status (Venus in Gemini, 10. House):

Do what you love, and love what you do. When Venus transits the house of career, enthusiasm is the key to success. Passion is infectious and rubs off on others, creating a happy buzz. Psychologically, personal connections affirm Venus’ social status.


Community, In-Group (Venus in Gemini, 11. House):

In the eleventh house, Venus in Gemini is in its element. It brings people together and bridges social gaps. Venus inspires social groups with infectious, sparkling energy. The recipe for success is flexibility and genuine interest in others.
Psychologically, interdependent relationships affirm Venus’ role and social identity.


Spirituality, Transcendence (Venus in Gemini, 12. House):

A Venus transit through the twelfth house can be a period of selfless devotion to an impersonal cause. In Gemini, it can spark an interest in spiritual teachings. Psychologically, Venus in Gemini must balance the needs of the heart and the mind.