Mercury is in Gemini, June 13 – July 5, 2022

Mercury rules Gemini and is always happy to return home. In Gemini, he feels light and breezy. He jokes around and makes light of things, even when the topic is bleak. Joking is a means of self-protection. 


He puts a spotlight on the absurd and thus puts things into perspective. Seeing the cosmic humour in the tragicomedy of life is liberating. It puts a buffer between the harsh reality and our sensitive emotions. 


Mercury’s genius is flexibility. He can adapt and learn from almost any setting. When he is in Gemini, he shows off his mental agility. He finds it easy to get his head around new ideas and novel solutions. 


Curiosity and adaptability are our evolutionary assets. Without them, we would never have gotten this far. Curiosity is the engine for learning – and learning is what makes Mercury in Gemini tick. 


Mercury in Gemini is interested in everything, but he has little patience for boring minutiae. He is usually satisfied with getting the gist and remembering a few factoids. 


Mercury’s light-hearted spirit is fun, but can also be exhausting. He quickly gets bored and finds it hard to focus. Few can follow his mental acrobatics when all his synapses fire simultaneously, and even he can get entangled with the windmills of his mind. 


As a social sign, Gemini finds it easy to adapt to different social settings. The world is a stage, and people are just actors in the divine comedy. 


Mercury is a fast-moving planet, and the effects of this transit are like a passing whirlwind of ideas. Only when making a direct aspect to a planet or angle of your personal horoscope is this transit likely to produce a noticeable effect. 

Mercury transiting through the houses:


Self-Presentation, Persona (Mercury in Gemini, 1. House):

Mercury passing through the first house is very chatty. It is mostly small talk that can be a welcome breath of fresh air. Psychologically, his natural curiosity never fails to open doors for him. 


Money, values (Mercury in Gemini, 2. House):

In the house of money and value systems, a Mercury transit can indicate fluctuation or opportunities in the financial department. The impulse to spend on frivolous things can be irresistible. 

Hedge your bets and think things through before taking consequential financial decisions. When Mercury in Gemini feels ambivalent about money issues, it is because of deeper psychological insecurities.


Friends and Kin, Mental Processing (Mercury in Gemini, 3. House):

A Mercury transit in the house of siblings and kin brings a flurry of social activity. The mind is hungry for stimulation. The key is knowing when to ease off. Psychologically, Mercury in the third house can manifest as what Buddhists refer to as the ‘monkey mind’, the inner chatterbox that never shuts up. Overstimulation can cause mental instability.


Home and Family (Mercury in Gemini, 4. House):

Family life can feel unsettled when Mercury passes through the fourth. If you are going stir-crazy, change your habits, or try rearranging the furniture to introduce some novelty. Home decoration projects are great for grounding that nervous energy. Psychologically, restlessness can often indicate that something is afoot at a deeper level of the psyche. We are vaguely aware, but cannot grasp it yet. Listen closely to your emotional clues to gain insight.


Creativity, Children (Mercury in Gemini, 5. House):

A Mercury transit through the house of creativity offers an excellent opportunity to let your inner child play. Explore, discover, fool around, or capture your mental escapades in writing. Alternatively, enjoy playtime with your actual kids. When we follow our creative impulses, we might just experience the psychological benefits of ‘flow’.


Health, Work, Service (Mercury in Gemini, 6. House):

When Mercury transits this house, it is time to shuffle your routine. At work, it may be busier than usual. Be mindful of your life/work balance and try not to get stressed out. Overactivity can upset your sense of equilibrium and create psychological stress.


Partnership, Relationship (7. House):

Mercury in Gemini is a flighty fellow. In the seventh house, he is flirtatious and fickle. If you meet a person that fits that description, enjoy the moment, but don’t try to pin them down. This transit favours Platonic companionship or intellectual exchanges. It also supports communication in general, so if any issues need to be addressed, now is the time to talk them over. Psychologically, being on the same mental wavelength is essential for maintaining a successful relationship. Romance dies when we stop talking to each other.


Shared Assets, Inner Resources (Mercury in Gemini, 8. House):

Mercury passing through the eighth house conjures an image of trade and barter. Keep your finger on the pulse to get the inside story, and crucial information to land the best deals. Psychologically, this Mercury transit can raise issues that often are ignored or shoved under the carpet. Engaging with the inner world through coaching or counselling can help with tidying up below stairs.


Travel, Study (Mercury in Gemini, 9. House):

Mercury loves to travel. When he passes through the ninth house, he is probably making plans to escape. But if travel is not possible, feed that curious Mercury mind something that is both stimulating and entertaining. Psychologically, Mercury in the ninth house wants to understand the world he lives in. 


Career, Status (Mercury in Gemini, 10. House):

Mercury transiting the tenth house represents an opportunity to reach out and network. Mercury is both flexible and versatile. Use this transit for brainstorming. Don’t put the brakes on your creative flow, and pay attention to curious coincidences. Psychologically, we need to take the time to think about where we want to go. Otherwise, we will get stuck, just spinning our wheels.


Community, In-Group (Mercury in Gemini, 11. House)

When Mercury transits the eleventh house, social affairs become lively, sometimes with debate. If you are involved in a social project or interest group, use this time to make connections. Mercury loves bringing people together to share ideas. But occasionally, Mercury likes to sow mischief or play ‘devil’s advocate, just to see what will happen. Psychologically, this Mercury needs intellectual stimulation to feel at home among his peers.


Spirituality, Transcendence (Mercury in Gemini, 12. House)

A Mercury transit through the twelfth house can be confusing and difficult to understand. He may explore realms that are too far out for everyday conversation. His mental constructs can become elusive and constantly change shape. A spiritual practice such as mindfulness or meditation can have a stabilizing effect.