Full Moon in Sagittarius, June 14, 2022

This Full Moon takes place in Sagittarius, a mutable sign, spelling dynamic and fluctuating energy. Restlessness, curiosity and an appetite for adventure are in the air.

Sun trine Saturn / Moon sextile Saturn

The Full Moon is well-aspected with a Sun casting a trine and the Moon a sextile to Saturn. Potentiality can take shape and manifest if we are committed to the goal. Saturn provides the necessary commitment and determination to make things real. Saturn went retrograde on June 4 and this period is ideal for making adjustments or consolidating existing plans.


Sun/Moon square Neptune

The square between the Full Moon axis and Neptune is less ideal. It adds ambiguity and can be confusing. Neptune has a tendency to dilute, diffuse or drain energy. Distractions are tempting and sometimes pleasant. But sometimes, what looks like a shortcut is just a shiny object that lures you down a no-through road.


Saturn semi-sextile Neptune

The semi-sextile between Saturn and Neptune works as a potentially mitigating feature. Intuition, art or spiritual practice can work in your favour.

Mars conjunct Chiron / semi-sextile Uranus

Mars is closely conjunct Chiron and both semi-sextile Uranus. We are still plagued with public health concerns that spill over into the domain of personal freedom and individual rights.

Venus conjunct Uranus

Venus is only 3 degrees past Uranus, so whatever surprises the recent conjunction on June 11 may have brought, the effects are likely to linger.


Venus conjunct North Node

Venus is crossing the nodal axis. This is an opportunity to review the values at the foundation of our social relationships. How far are we willing to bend, and to what end? Social relations are complicated and should be evaluated from time to time. Are you stuck in a co-dependent relationship? Consider your inner values to determine whether it is worth your while.