Venus is passing through Taurus

May 28 – June 23, 2022

Venus is in Taurus, her natural domain. Taurus is an Earth sign, and she revels in its sensuality. She visits it in the spring when Mother Nature dons her lush, flower-covered wedding gown. The birds serenade at the top of their voices, giving their best performance. Everything is tender, exuberant, and ready for a fresh start.

Venus in Taurus loves nature. She delights in every burgeoning bud, every flower, and in every spring shower. All this revelry is exhilarating, and it is tempting to follow the lure into the green groves.

In Taurus, Venus just wants to have fun and enjoy the season’s glory. She knows it won’t last, so she makes the most of it, while she can.

Some people think of it as laziness. But for her, it is just a matter of priorities. Total immersion in the realm of the senses is very instructional, even if it isn’t very goal-orientated.

Nature teaches us via the faculties of sensory perception, and we process the information by association.
Artists, musicians, poets, and cooks are finely tuned to picking up the sensory signals of our surroundings. Venus in Taurus makes this mode of perception more accessible for everyone. All we need to do is listen to our hearts and open our minds to the signals of the senses.

But beware! The first planet Venus bumps into on her trip through Taurus is Uranus. Be prepared for an unexpected surprise. It may be no more dramatic than a pleasantly disruptive surprise. On the other hand, one of Cupid’s errand arrows may come flying out of the blue, causing havoc where it lands.


Venus is a fast-moving planet, whose effects are transient, like a passing mood. This transit is most noticeable when directly aspecting natal planets or angles.


Self-Presentation, Persona (Venus in Taurus, 1. House)

Venus takes pleasure in all things bright and beautiful – including her apparel. She is very conscious of making the right impression. If you have been feeling like your wardrobe could do with a make-over – now is the time. Keeping focused may be the biggest challenge during this transit. Pleasurable pastimes are just too tempting. Combine work and pleasure, and you will have a win-win. Psychologically, Venus in Taurus sees herself through the eyes of others, and their approval becomes very important to her.


Money, Values (Venus in Taurus, 2. House)

The second house is the natural domain of Venus in Taurus. In this house, her material assets define her comfort zone. Her values and sentiments tend to be traditional, and she cherishes superior quality and beauty.
Psychologically, Venus may tie her sense of security and self-worth to her possessions.


Friends and Kin, Mental Processing (Venus in Taurus, 3. House)

A Venus transit in the third house is an opportunity to cement personal bonds, especially with siblings. This Venus is in touch with the people around her and understands their concerns. Psychologically, this Venus values trust and reliability.


Home and Family (Venus in Taurus, 4. House)

A Taurus fourth house signifies the importance of a stable base. When Venus comes for a visit, family relations tend to be harmonious and loving, and she can relax and recharge her batteries. Psychologically, the home is Venus’ comfort zone and sanctuary.


Creativity, Children (Venus in Taurus, 5. House)

When Venus passes through a Taurus fifth house, she brings a bouquet of joy and artistry. It’s time to enjoy the good things in life. Her creative energy inspires artists, writers, singers, sculptors, and musicians like a kiss from the muse. Psychologically, Venus in this house wants to bring beauty into the world.


Health, Work, Service (Venus in Taurus, 6. House)

Venus in the sixth house is unlikely to be overwhelmed with workaholism. Instead, she wants to do what she enjoys and enjoy what she does. This transit can be very productive for those working on creative endeavours. Psychologically, this Venus takes great pride in her work, and her motivation comes from within.


Partnership, Relationship (Venus in Taurus, 7. House)

In matters of the heart, Venus in Taurus is a hopeless romantic. Loyalty and steadfastness are important to her, but the physical chemistry must also be right. Psychologically, Venus in Taurus looks for her source of security in her relationship with another and tends to idealize the partner.


Shared Assets, Inner Resources (Venus in Taurus, 8. House)

When Venus travels through the eighth house, the shared assets of a relationship may come into focus. Perhaps there is a tangible benefit to the relationship. Love itself becomes a powerful resource. Psychologically, this Venus tries to overcome the sense of existential loneliness through physical intimacy.


Travel, Study (Venus in Taurus, 9. House)

A Taurus ninth house is deeply connected with the natural world and its rich sensory experiences. When Venus passes through, it is time to fall in love with nature…all over again. Psychologically, Venus in Taurus can broaden the mind by paying attention to the nuances of sensory experiences and artistic expression.


Career, Status (Venus in Taurus, 10. House)

Venus in Taurus is not much of a ladder-climber, but she revels in status displays. This transit supports upgrades in workplace relationships or acknowledgements. Psychologically, Venus knows that success always depends on supportive relationships and aims to strengthen that foundation.


Community, In-Group (Venus in Taurus, 11. House)

Community spirit is built on trust, loyalty, and interdependency. When Venus passes through the eleventh house, she reinforces social bonds. Group activities are a source of great enjoyment at this time. Psychologically, Venus in Taurus seeks approval and validation from her social cohort.


Spirituality, Transcendence (Venus in Taurus, 12. House)

Taurus is the earthiest of earth signs, contrasting sharply with the transient nature of the twelfth house. When Venus passes through, she seeks to connect with the spiritual realm by engaging deeply with the senses. Exploring nature and the material world through art would be a great way to use this transit. Psychologically, Venus in the twelfth house explores the spiritual dimension by engaging with the phenomena of the here and now.