Mercury retrograde is re-entering Taurus, where he will remain until June 13.


 Taurus is a ‘fixed’ sign that grounds Mercury’s airy energy – a bit. In this sign, Mercury is much less fidgety than usual. In fact, in Taurus, Mercury can be surprisingly single-minded and determined to get stuff done. When problem-solving, he prefers to stick with the tried and tested instead of risking experimenting with something new. 


This Mercury transit is an opportunity to focus on newly hatched ideas. (Make the most of this, especially if you had any visionary insights during the Jupiter/Neptune conjunction). Ideas and visions are just flighty wisps in the wind. They may be inspiring, but they will dissipate unless followed by action and proper grounding in the material world. Now is the time to plant those seed ideas, and watch them grow.


Mercury is a fast-moving planet. Its effects are often more like a passing mood. Only when it makes direct contact with natal planets in the horoscopes is it likely to produce more tangible results. 


Self-Presentation, Persona (Mercury in Taurus, 1. House):

Mercury transiting the first house always brings a breath of fresh air. Suddenly, a lot is happening, and life is busier than usual. Or a chance encounter opens up new possibilities or perspectives.  Psychologically, Mercury is communicative and wants to connect, but Taurus likes to play it safe. Spiritually, this Mercury is down to earth but can be superstitious as he has a tendency to interpret chance encounters as omens.


Money, Values (Mercury in Taurus, 2. House):

A Taurus second house indicates a firm grasp of the material world. When Mercury passes through, there is an opportunity to re-evaluate one’s resources. This could mean restructuring the household budget or figuring out ways to make some extra cash. Sometimes, a good deal or opportunity can come out of nowhere. Psychologically, this Mercury is savvy and conservative. He cherishes traditional values. Spiritually, spiritual paraphernalia can be a significant source of comfort and security.


Friends and Kin, Mental Processing (Mercury in Taurus, 3. House):

In the third house of cognition, Mercury is most interested in matters of practical relevance. He learns best by doing. Social relations and kinship offer solid and reliable bonds. Mercury affirms them through practical support. Psychologically, this transit stimulates an interest in experiential learning. Spiritually, Mercury in Taurus is most comfortable with conventional wisdom and can be dogmatic. Once he accepts a particular paradigm, he is unlikely to change.


Home and Family (Mercury in Taurus, 4. House):

The home and family are sacred to Taurus. Family traditions offer stability and provide the emotional anchor for Taurus to feel safe. Mercury brings some movement into this sphere. Family gatherings can stimulate much food for thought.

Psychologically, Mercury wants to touch base with his roots. Mutual gift giving could be a meaningful aspect of affirming family relations. Spiritually, for this Mercury, the actual flesh and blood family relations are a source of spiritual connection.


Creativity, Children (Mercury in Taurus, 5. House):

Mercury’s transit stimulates the senses and gets the creative juices flowing. A walk in nature can be food for the imagination. Learning a new skill is a great way to ground this transit in practical application. Psychologically, Mercury in Taurus is risk-averse unless the promise is highly desirable and concrete. Spiritually, sensory experiences open the gates to heavenly flow.


Health, Work, Service (Mercury in Taurus, 6. House):

Mercury could bring some movement into the work sphere. New social contacts, or perhaps just a lot of work. The work-life balance might need to be adjusted. Psychologically, Taurus wants solid results and a dependable routine. Mercury could shake things up. Address physical needs to improve mental, physical and spiritual well-being.


Partnership, Relationship (Mercury in Taurus, 7. House):

In the seventh house, Mercury indicates restlessness in the romantic realm. Spring is in the air, and the sap is rising. When it comes to flirting, Mercury in Taurus lets flowers (or chocolate) do the talking. If issues have been left unattended, now is a suitable time to air them. Psychologically, Mercury feels most connected when talking about intimate experiences. Spiritually, Mercury explores the realm of the senses to get in touch with the spiritual dimension.


Shared Assets, Inner Resources (Mercury in Taurus, 8. House):

The eighth house governs shared material and psychological assets and securities. Mercury suggests movement or transactions in financial affairs. Psychologically, t is a good transit for reviewing your deepest needs and wants and what motivates you. Spiritually, Mercury seeks to understand the sacred within the living world.


Travel, Study (Mercury in Taurus, 9. House):

Mercury loves to travel. It is the sensory stimulation that he finds most exciting. Every place, every culture, has its own immaterial expression that can only be experienced through the senses. That’s what Mercury in Taurus loves to explore.

Psychologically, Mercury in Taurus seeks to understand the world through the senses.  Spiritually, Taurus can be a sceptical sign, but it revels in the spiritual dimension of nature.


Career, Status (Mercury in Taurus, 10. House):

A Mercury transit through the house of career and profession indicates a somewhat restless period. You may get wind of new opportunities or job offers that sound tempting. Pay attention to the grapevine, stay open-minded, and think about your greater objectives. Mercury indicates movement and mobility.

Psychologically, Mercury’s gift is adaptation and flexibility, which in Taurus combines with pragmatism. Spiritually, this Mercury is all about walking your talk.


Community, In-Group (Mercury in Taurus, 11. House)

In the eleventh house, Mercury enhances group communications. A community spirit and shared activities strengthen social bonds and become a source of comfort and support.

Psychologically, Mercury wants to connect with his tribe. But it is a good idea to reflect on whether the group values are really your own. Spiritually, a solid frame of reference gives a sense of secure identity. But Mercury needs to stay curious and open-minded. Truth-seekers must not shun the twilight zone.


Spirituality, Transcendence (Mercury in Taurus, 12. House)

When Mercury passes through the twelfth house, he is less communicative than usual. Mercury penetrates the secrets of the material world to transcend the spirit/matter dichotomy. Psychologically, Mercury’s motivation is intrinsic when he applies himself to a greater cause. Spiritually, this Mercury has a keen eye for omens. He reads the messages of the spirit world in the whispers of the wind.