Full Moon in Scorpio, May 16, 2022

This Full Moon in Scorpio is an eclipse, which traditional astrologers interpret as an ominous time. But modern astrologers see eclipses more as a time of purification and renewal – especially when it occurs in Scorpio.


Full Moon in Scorpio (Eclipse)

Scorpio is an enigmatic sign. It delves into the deepest mysteries and penetrates the shadow world. Where other sun signs are happy to shove uncomfortable stuff under the carpet or into the nearest cupboard, Scorpio puts its finger into it and starts poking. It wants to get to the bottom of things, even if they are uncomfortable, so festering debris can be cleaned out. It is a process of continuous purification, elimination and renewal, which can be painful, at times, when we are not ready to let go. But everything must change – stagnation is a death trap.


Full Moon in Scorpio square Saturn in Aquarius

The Full Moon in Scorpio squares Saturn in Aquarius – a particularly challenging aspect. The Sun, Moon and Saturn are in fixed signs, which resist change, and Saturn highlights the limitations of the current situation. To move forward, we have to accept the existential reality. We are spiritual creatures bound by flesh and blood, limited by space and time. The freedom we have is to decide how we want to use the time we have in this body, on this planet, but we must take responsibility for our choices. And this square between Saturn and the Sun and Moon forces us to face a crucial moment. It’s decision time. Choose wisely.


Mars conjunct Neptune

Another key feature of this chart is the Mars/Neptune conjunction. Traditionally, this conjunction denotes a weakening of the vital forces, possibly due to infectious diseases or their aftermath. Mars and Neptune are in Pisces, which underlines that interpretation. Even if there are no new variants or infectious diseases to worry about, it feels like there is an energy leak that makes it hard to focus. This is not a combination that fuels decisive action, but it can inspire dreams and fantasies.


Saturn semi-sextile Mars/Neptune

The Mars/Neptune conjunction is semi-sextiling Saturn, which denotes a latent potential that can be developed as a resource. If handled properly, the dreams and fantasies rising from the depth can become the stepping stones to your future.


Mars conjunct Neptune trine Moon/sextile Sun

The trine and sextile to the Eclipse axis underline the theme of potential waiting to be actualized. While the sextile gently nudges us to give form to our ideas and fantasies, the trine can be more tricky, unless Mars has really lit your fire. Trines can be a bit lazy. They follow the path of least resistance. But to develop any potential, or change habits to create a future that is aligned with our dreams, we usually have to exert some effort. Habits are hard to change if they are comfortable. Focus on the future you want to achieve and take this as your fuel to stimulate your will to do something towards achieving that vision.


Jupiter in Aries

Jupiter has just changed signs and is now in Aries. This is a pretty energetic sign for Jupiter. In Aries, Jupiter is ‘gung ho’ about his goals and ready to throw caution to the winds. Considering the other, more drudging aspects of the chart, this is refreshing, but can be delusional. Although Jupiter thinks he can do anything without assistance, this is not really the case. Optimism and enthusiasm will carry us a long way towards our goals, but a bit of realism is also needed. Unfettered Jupiter in Aries feels infallible – and that can be his downfall. The only tight aspect is a semi-square to Uranus, which underlines the wilful, stubborn and uncompromising demeanour. But when positively used, it can sustain the vision as a driving force and lend it some extra boldness and conviction.


Venus conjunct Chiron

Venus has joined Chiron in Aries. Be gentle with yourself, and remember to practice self-care rituals to keep a balance in your life. Venus conjunct Chiron may feel hurt or wounded. Examine the root cause, but don’t beat yourself up over it. Instead, forgive yourself and others, and make sure you look after yourself.


Venus/Chiron semi-sextile Uranus

The Venus/Chiron conjunction semi-sextiles Uranus, which could point to the source of the discomfort. Uranus brings surprises. Even if they are not painful, making adjustments and accommodating others does demand some flexibility, which may interfere with our own agendas. Weigh things carefully according to what is most important to you.


Mercury retrograde

And, last, but by no means least, Mercury has gone retrograde. Its closest aspects are a semi-sextile to Lilith and a sextile with Jupiter. Mercury is retrograde in Gemini, which can complicate communications, usually due to misunderstandings. Make sure all your I’s are dotted and your t’s are crossed, and that you double-check your appointment diary.