Venus is transiting Pisces from April 5 – May 2, 2022

Venus is transiting Pisces – what does that mean?

The planet of love, is finally leaving the cool and detached sign of Aquarius and moving into Pisces. After the harsh battles during her lengthy dance with Mars, moving into Pisces comes as a relief.

The sign of the Fishes is a water sign, and thus, altogether much more slippery. In Pisces, Venus’ conveys a sense of oceanic compassion. It fills every last crack in the reef, every shell, every underwater cave, like liquid copper filling a mould.

The idea of the mould is a very fitting image for Venus in Pisces. The boundaries of the ocean are forever shifting and changing. To make the effects of Venus in Pisces visible, we need to give her a shape to fill.

Venus is generally interested in pleasure and beauty, but there is more to it than eating chocolates and doting on flowers. Venus in Pisces sees the world via her mirror neurons and is extremely sensitive to subtle emotional ripples. Sensitivity can be a helpful trait, but may also be confusing if it blurs the boundaries between self and non-self.



Venus is moving direct again and has picked up speed. The effects of this transit are more fleeting and may manifest more like moods or happy incidents. The most significant aspect she makes while transiting Pisces is the conjunction with Neptune on April 27. Beware, that if something looks too good to be true, it may not be true.



Venus in the houses


Self-Presentation, Persona (Venus in Pisces, 1. House)

A Venus transit through the first house washes over the sense of self like a warm shower. You might feel like embracing the whole world. Be careful who or what you lavish that fuzzy feeling on.
Psychologically, Venus in Pisces is highly adaptive but also impressionable, making her vulnerable to manipulation.
Spiritually, this Venus is all about love and compassion in action.


Money, Values (Venus in Pisces, 2. House)

In the house of possessions and money, Venus in Pisces is very giving. She can’t bear seeing others suffer and feels compelled to help. But she also enjoys a special treat from time to time. Money runs through her hands like water.
Psychologically, money is energy for Venus, and it feels wrong to hold on to it if it can do some good somewhere.
Spiritually, her highest values are love and compassion. When Venus finds a way to express these, she feels aligned with the divine will.


Friends and Kin, Mental Processing (Venus in Pisces, 3. House)

Venus in Pisces is a bit of a social chameleon that can fit in with a wide range of people or situations. But it is difficult to establish boundaries. Venus in Pisces needs to learn to look after her own needs, too.
Psychologically, Venus in Pisces identifies too readily with others and can end up losing herself.
Spiritually, this Venus is looking for connection and spiritual bonding.


Home and Family (Venus in Pisces, 4. House)

In the fourth house, Venus’ love for beauty is likely to be unleashed on the home environment. To her, home is not just a place but a personal retreat and safe space. This transit can be used to beautify the home or tackle the general chaos.
Psychologically, Venus in this house needs peace and harmony in the home environment to recharge her batteries and connect to a deeper source within.
Spiritually, this transit signifies a longing for connection to the roots beyond the boundaries of time and space.


Creativity, Children (Venus in Pisces, 5. House)

A Venus transit through the fifth house can be very romantic or a longing for romantic intimacy. It can also agitate a creative itch. Allow yourself the pleasure to create and have some fun with that – or use it as a meditative practice to reach the flow zone.
Psychologically, nurturing the inner child releases a huge amount of energy and feel-good hormones.
Spiritually, love and creativity come from the same source. Venus here seeks to connect to that cosmic flow.


Health, Work, Service (6. House)

This transit may make it a bit difficult to concentrate. Emotional issues could take centre stage at work. It is best to address them with compassion and empathy.
Psychologically, stress can give rise to emotional instability. Be kind to yourself.
Spiritually, Venus in this house calls for mindfulness and simplicity.


Partnership, Relationship (7. House)

Venus in Pisces is unarguably a romantic at heart. She has an uncanny ability to read the needs and desires of others, almost as if they were her own. It is easy to lose oneself in that Piscean world.
Psychologically, we project on others aspects of the self with which we fall in love.
Spiritually, we may think we have found our soul mate, but this feeling may pass once Venus moves on.


Shared Assets, Inner Resources (Venus in Pisces, 8. House)

In the eighth house, Venus has a strong need for intimacy. She wants to merge with another and share feelings and thoughts usually kept private.
Psychologically, we seek intimacy to overcome our sense of separation and existential loneliness. Connection helps us transcend our ego boundaries.
Spiritually, opening up and making ourselves vulnerable is empowering. This Venus transit is about understanding that giving is receiving.


Travel, Study (Venus in Pisces, 9. House)

When Venus passes through the house of travel and higher education, she changes her world by looking at it differently. Venus in Pisces looks for patterns and meaningful connections. The inner and the outer journey reflect each other.
Psychologically, Venus in the Pisces ninth house is looking for the universal truth in personal experiences, inner and outer.
Spiritually, immersive experiences open the mind to a whole different way of seeing the world.


Career, Status (Venus in Pisces, 10. House)

This transit can be rewarding. Venus wins the popularity game and gets what she wants by using empathy in her negotiations. Because she cares about others, others care about her.
Psychologically, Venus loves success as much as anybody, but her motivation is altruistic, rather than selfish.
Spiritually, Venus feels that achievement comes from service to a greater cause.


Community, In-Group (Venus in Pisces, 11. House)

When Venus visits a Pisces eleventh house, it signals a great time to connect with friends and kindred spirits, especially when all are working for a common charitable cause. Your empathy waves are enhanced at this time. Use this transit for the greater good.
Psychologically, Venus in this house feels it is her duty to do what she does for the benefit of all concerned.
Spiritually, this transit can signify a very close connection or over-identification with a social cause.


Spirituality, Transcendence (Venus in Pisces, 12. House)

Pisces has a natural affinity with the twelfth house, but Venus is not quite so comfortable there, as the dynamics are a bit ambivalent. The twelfth house is not just the domain of charitable service, but also the house of self-undoing. Venus may sacrifice herself for something or someone in a truly selfless manner, or suffer ‘helpers-syndrome’. There is a tendency for excess, which can go either way: it can mean total abstinence and ‘spiritual purity’ – or over-indulgence and laziness.
Psychologically, this Venus seeks to overcome existential loneliness. How she goes about it depends on her state of mind.
Spiritually, this transit can enhance intuition and open the heart to universal love.