Astrological Forecast, April 2022


We live in turbulent times – let’s take a look at the Astrological Forecast to see, what the planets have in store for us in April:


Mercury has just moved into Aries, playing its part in the new Moon of April 2, and Saturn now separates Venus and Mars, which is a good thing. Tempers are cooling off, at least slightly. But the big event of the month is the Jupiter/ Neptune conjunction.


 April 1 – 9, 2022

But let’s start at the beginning. April kicks off full of energy and enthusiasm as the New Moon congregates in Aries, joined by Mercury and Chiron. Mercury in Aries is not exactly shy. It is known for its direct and sometimes provocative stance. Chiron also chimes in, and by extension, Uranus, which forms a tight semi-sextile with Chiron. This stellium is quite a handful, but strangely, they are not involved in any other aspects of the chart.


What is striking about this New Moon chart is its lop-sidedness. All the planets are located between 28° Capricorn and 12° Taurus, so there are no oppositions, only clusters, each forming its own camp.


The Sun exacts its conjunctions with Chiron and Mercury on April 2, producing a kind of ‘halo effect’ that continues to amplify the New Moon energy. Meanwhile, the Moon will have moved into Taurus, backing up Uranus. This configuration will likely reflect the dynamics of the pandemic. Although the Coronavirus has become a side-show on the current geopolitical stage, it has not disappeared.


Also, on April 2, Venus enters Pisces, which offers some cause for hope.
At least it seems that way from the aspects that follow – mostly sextiles and semi-sextiles, suggesting potential openings to forge a path forward, or at least explore some possibilities.


April 10 – 14, 2022

But on April 10, Mercury squares Pluto just before entering Taurus. This looks like some sort of verbal showdown or ultimatum. Pluto is an all-or-nothing kind of planet. It is time to put the cards on the table, face the facts and draw the consequences.


All hope rests on the Jupiter / Neptune conjunction. Historically, Jupiter/ Neptune conjuncts have often coincided with wars ending and treaties being signed. I don’t want to stick my neck out too far, but there is some cause for hope if we consider that the last Neptune/Jupiter conjunction in Pisces coincided with the Paris Treaty of 1856 that ended the Crimean war.


I am not holding my breath, but I am feeling cautiously optimistic at this point in time. Of course, the timing is rarely on the dot. The conjunction is only the beginning of this new cycle, and there are always many facets to such a cosmic event. It would be nice if it brought peace. But even that would just be a small part of a much larger story that will unfold in time. Other things to watch for with this planetary combination are emerging fashion trends and fads in general. Watch out for the up coming post that will deal exclusively with the effects of this conjunction. Positive impulses can be expected from the sextiles and semi-sextiles surrounding this conjunction.


On a personal level, Jupiter and Neptune could inspire a great dream or vision. The giants are well-aspected and receive good vibes from Saturn (sextile) and from the Sun (semi-sextile) on April 13 and 14.


April 15 –  19, 2022

Mars enters Pisces on April 15, but he does not really like this watery domain since it just diffuses his energy. On the same day, Mercury casts a semi-square to Jupiter and Neptune, which could mean misunderstandings. Mars in Pisces is pretty touchy and gets hurt easily, even if no harm is intended. This is the run-up to the Full Moon in Libra.


The Sun and Moon will be at loggerheads with Pluto, and compromise seems hard to achieve. But at any rate, things are coming to a head, and something will have to give. The T-square is not quite exact yet, with the Sun and Moon at 26° and Pluto at 28° degrees. The square between the Sun and Pluto will persist until its completion on April 18.


On April 17, Venus casts a semi-square to Pluto, and the Moon enters Scorpio, from where it will oppose Mercury and Uranus. Mercury is already very close to Uranus, and the two will be exactly conjunct on April 18, just as the Sun squares Pluto. Whoopee! If that doesn’t look like a bag of fun, I don’t know what does!


April 20 – 30, 2022


On April 20, the Sun enters Taurus. While Taurus is generally a more stable sign, it is currently dominated by Uranus, which makes it less predictable than usual.


Some kind of communication breakthrough could be on the cards on April 23/24, when Mercury conjuncts the north node and squares Saturn. It looks like tensions will ease from here to the end of the month. Venus conjuncts Neptune (aww) on April 27, and Mercury trines Pluto on April 28. There could be some revelations of a scandalous nature that may be employed as a power play.


Mercury enters Gemini on April 29, right before we reach the second New Moon of the month. This one takes place in Taurus, quite close to Uranus. But perhaps more importantly (more delightfully, at any rate) it coincides with the lovely Venus /Jupiter conjunction in Pisces. What could be better than that? I hope you all make the most of it!