Mercury is in Aries – March 27 – April 11, 2022

While Mercury is in Aries, he picks up a considerable amount of steam. His journey through the sign of the ram is a veritable whirlwind of a visit.

Mercury in Aries is very direct and assertive. He is not afraid to speak his mind. But his impulsivity means he often talks before he thinks, and diplomacy is not his strong suit. There is a fine line between assertiveness and offence. His hot-headedness can get him into trouble. Be careful with your words – you can’t take them back.

On the plus side, Aries can provide focus and decisiveness. Fidgety Mercury does not waver while under Aries’ light. At best, Mercury in this fire sign makes for enthusiastic and inspiring rhetoric that can spark the release of much pent-up energy.


Mercury is a fast-moving personal planet. His transit is fleeting and will most likely be experienced when directly contacting planets or angles in the natal horoscope.


Transiting Mercury in Aries through the houses


Self-Presentation, Persona (1. House):

When Mercury transits an Aries first house, he is determined to be heard. Assertive and direct, he will not dither. But others might find his style bossy and respond in like manner.
Psychologically, there can be a fear of not being heard. But merely pushing harder and turning up the volume produces the opposite effect of what we intended.
On a spiritual level, this Mercury is full of beans. He finds it difficult to contain his fire.


Money, Values (2. House)

In the house of money and values, Mercury is a gambler. Impulse driven, he makes decisions before thinking about the consequence. They may pay off, but then again, they may not.
Psychologically, he is motivated by a craving for instant gratification.
Spiritually, Mercury in Aries is so sure of his values that he can become self-righteous and regard opponents as ‘the enemy’.


Friends and Kin, Mental Processing (3. House)

When Mercury visits the third house, there is a lot of ‘high octane’ mental or social activity. However, differences of opinion can quickly lead to arguments. Psychologically, this transit is very stimulating for the mind, which can be restless or even anxious. Spiritually, Mercury in Aries can be self-referential. It is hard to think outside of one’s own box.


Home and Family (4. House)

Mercury in Aries visiting the fourth house can be rather challenging. Temperamental, restless and impatient, Mercury stirs up old routines. It is good energy for tackling domestic tasks like spring cleaning.
Psychologically, Mercury in Aries likes a fresh breeze, some variation or excitement. It does not have to be anything major. Changing the furniture around or having a clear-out are great ways to channel this transit.
Spiritually, this transit is full of fire, but don’t neglect to recharge your batteries.


Creativity, Children (5. House)

In the fifth house, Mercury is happiest when allowed to let his hair down. Playing with the kids or pursuing a creative passion gets all is spark plugs firing. Failing that, an amorous adventure stimulates similar areas in the heart and soul. Do something exciting and adventurous with them and really have some fun! If there are no children to have fun with, let your inner child out to play and try your hand at some creative pursuit.
Psychologically, this Mercury needs to express himself playfully and passionately. It’s what makes him feel alive.
Spiritually, the lure of pursuit is irresistible to this Mercury, no matter his goal or object of desire. But in the heat of passion, he may miss the real boon – the actual process.


Health, Work, Service (6. House)

the sixth house is the house of work, service and health. Mercury in Aries is no slacker, but he wants to do things his way. Trying out new approaches to daily routines comes naturally now. This Mercury has a lot of energy to get things done.
Psychologically, there is a tendency to bite off more than one can chew. Overwork can become problematic. Integrate some healthy routines. Regular exercise such as walking can be a great way to ground this energy.
Spiritually, this transit lends itself to new beginnings. Focus your intentions on your goals and set up a routine that moves you towards your goals, one step at a time.


Partnership, Relationship (7. House)

When Mercury visits the house of love, he can be a flirt. Aries is determined, even if he may seem shy. If he chews off your ear, it is his way to overcome his fear of rejection. Psychologically, talking is a vital part of relating, but it can also be a way to avoid getting into the sticky feeling mode. Mercury is flighty and does not want to be pinned down. Spiritually, Mercury in Aries can be chivalrous. He loves the romance of pursuit with words, gifts, songs – whatever it takes to woo you. But the heartthrobs he tries to pursue are often unobtainable – which keeps him safe and free.


Shared Assets, Inner Resources (8. House)

The eighth house governs shared assets and resources. A Mercury transit through this house can trigger activity in financial affairs. We may have to negotiate how to deal with joint assets, or we may contemplate a joint venture. Mercury is resourceful, but in Aries, he is also impulsive. It may be a good idea to consider a proposition from all angles before finalizing a decision. Psychologically, Mercury feels compelled to act, but important decisions should be based on more than just a hunch. Spiritually, intuitions can feel like divine premonitions, but that does not mean they are infallible. Fortune favours the bold, but success is not guaranteed.


Travel, Study (9. House)

When Mercury passes through the house of travel, the mind is excited by thoughts of far off lands. This transit is well-suited for travel planning. Mercury is ever curious and eager to explore new territory.
Psychologically, Mercury in Aries discovers more about the self when exploring the non-self, the other, the foreign.
Spiritually, this Mercury transit can bring out a spiritual zest that can be rather missionizing. It is worth remembering that others have their own beliefs and feel as passionate about them as this Mercury does.


Career (10. House)

A Mercury transit through the house of career indicates a flurry of activity. Communication wires are likely to be hot. Intuition coupled with boldness can open up opportunities. On the other hand, being too pushy can close those doors.
Psychologically, Mercury in Aries has strong leadership potential but needs to learn to listen to others and give credit where credit is due. Spiritually, Aries is best when championing a cause, and Mercury is well poised to deliver the message.


Community, In-Group (11. House)

In the house of friendships and community, Mercury is in his element. Aries’ leadership abilities are well-served by Mercury’s focus and decisiveness. Somebody needs to speak up and direct the show – and it might as well be Mercury. Just be sure that your objectives match those of the group, lest conflict may arise when people feel bullied.
Psychologically, Mercury in Aries has a lot of confidence but not necessarily a lot of sensitivity.
Spiritually, this Mercury can inspire others with his passion and determination – it’s a superpower that must handle with care.


Spirituality, Transcendence (12. House)

An Aries twelfth house is not an easy place for Mercury to find its best expression. He may be given to advocate for those who cannot speak for themselves or feel drawn to champion a religious or charitable cause.
Psychologically, this house is about the unconscious and the rejected facets of the self. When Mercury passes through, it could be a chance to explore some lurking issues. Spiritually, Mercury in this house can act as the psychopomp, a wanderer between the worlds.