Mars is in Aquarius from March 6 to April 15, 2022

From March 6 to April 15, 2022, Mars will be in Aquarius. This article provides an insight into what to expect depending on where Aquarius is located in the personal horoscope.


The Venus/Mars conjunction

Venus and Mars are moving into Aquarius, joined at the hip, so to speak – completing their conjunction at 0° Aquarius just 40 minutes after entering the sign. Venus and Mars are conjunct for an unusually long time. Normally, their courtship only lasts a few days. But because Venus went retrograde in January and has only recently turned direct, Mars has had a chance to catch up to her. They are moving almost at the same speed for a while until Saturn separates them at the end of March/beginning of April.


Mars in Aquarius

Aquarius is a cool, considered, and sometimes callous sign. By contrast, Mars is impulsive, courageous and hot-headed by nature. When Mars moves into Aquarius, these energies don’t gel.

Mars doesn’t suddenly behave rationally; he becomes obstinate.

Once he is fired up, he is unlikely to budge from his position. Yet, he can be quite the hypocrite when it comes to living by his own yardstick.

Aquarius is an air sign and is at ease with technology and innovation. In Aquarius, Mars is looking for technological solutions. If he believes his cause to be noble, ethics will be a minor concern. In his view, the end will justify the means.



Mars moves relatively swiftly and in less than 6 weeks Mars will be moving into Pisces. Thus, the effects of this transit will not be very noticeable in the native horoscope, unless it makes direct contacts to natal planets or angles.


Self-Presentation, Persona (Mars in Aquarius, 1. House):

Mars in Aquarius stands his ground and asserts his right to be different. He does not bow to anyone. Although he may hold quite egalitarian ideas, conforming to social norms is not his thing. Psychologically, he values his independence and individuality above all else.


Money, Values (Mars in Aquarius, 2. House):

Liberté, égalité, fraternité are typical Aquarian values. Mars in Aquarius is passionate about them. Material goods are less important – except when it comes to technology, if it lets him stand out and get the edge. ‘Vorsprung Durch Technik’. Psychologically, Mars in Aquarius is principled. He is motivated by universals rather than particulars.


Friends and Kin, Mental Processing (Mars in Aquarius, 3. House):

Mars is quick, flippant, and at times, cutting. This is a configuration for gas-lighting, stirring trouble for no reason. Mars does not even really think about the consequences of his actions and can be completely unaware of others’ feelings. Psychologically, Mars in Aquarius is not very comfortable with the fine lines of relationship maintenance. Making jokes and being flippant is a way to distance himself emotionally.


Home and Family (Mars in Aquarius, 4. House):

When transiting the house of family affairs, Mars livens things up. In the best-case scenario, it energizes this arena of life. If you have been procrastinating with some home improvement projects, tackle them now while the energy is high. But this Mars transit can also bring tensions to the surface. It is best to confront them and deal with them openly and honestly. Psychologically, Mars in the fourth house feels he has to fight for his space. Finding the right balance between intimacy and personal freedom is the tricky task Mars has to face.


Creativity, Children (Mars in Aquarius, 5. House)

The fifth house is the house of creative self-expression, romance, children and play. What it signifies is how we express our uniqueness. Aquarius is pretty unique no matter which house it falls into, but has a special relationship with the fifth since it is opposite its natural domain, the eleventh house. Mars is ambitious, competitive and a risk-taker. In Aquarius, he can be a daredevil. Psychologically, Mars here wants to assert itself and make a unique mark, no matter what it takes.


Health, Work, Service (Mars in Aquarius, 6. House):

When Mars transits the sixth house of work and health, it would be wise to pay attention to your health. Mars is hasty and can be accident-prone. He is also unstoppable to the point of being obsessed with work. Prolonged stress can cause health problems later. Better to use some of that Mars energy to start an exercise regime. Psychologically, Mars’ ambition drives him to ‘conquer’ his workload. But knowing when to ask for help is a sign of true resilience.


Partnership, Relationship (Mars in Aquarius,7. House):

A visit from Mars in the seventh house, especially in Aquarius, can be trying. Aquarius is not a terribly romantic sign, but values friendship and Platonic love. Mars can be a sign of competition or arguments based on projections. Psychologically, Mars in Aquarius is rather non-committal and needs his personal freedom.


Shared Assets, Inner Resources (Mars in Aquarius, 8. House)

In the house of shared assets and values, Aquarius is usually liberal. Aquarius is a social sign that looks out for the welfare of others. Mars in Aquarius can be a bit of a Robin Hood. At least in theory. Psychologically, inequality really bothers Mars in Aquarius, and he may well champion its cause.


Travel, Higher Education (Mars in Aquarius, 9. House)

Aquarius in the ninth house has a broad range of interests and is open to all kinds of new experiences. Mars in Aquarius can be ambitious when seeking out the unusual, unique, never-done-before. Travel feeds that hunger for novelty. On the other hand, this transit might get Mars on his soap-box defending his view of the world, or life philosophy. Psychologically, the ninth house is where we make sense of the world through our constructs. These sometimes become clearer when contrasting against others. But whether they become deeper depends on whether we can be flexible and try out new ideas/concepts, or stubbornly cling to our preconceived notions.


Career, Status (Mars in Aquarius, 10. House)

The house of career is where Mars can fully act out its ambitions. But, that does not mean that he will necessarily succeed easily. There may well be competition and struggle to advance. But Mars supplies the motivation to succeed. Psychologically, Mars in the tenth house seeks social validation by demonstrating his outstanding professional work.


Community, In-Group (Mars in Aquarius, 11. House)

Aquarius has a natural affinity with the eleventh house, the domain of group interests and social issues. When Mars passes through, social identity is in focus. There is a need to belong yet stand out; to be accepted and valued as a member, yet strive to become the committee leader. Psychologically, Mars establishes his social identity through contrast and confrontation. You can see yourself more clearly when you realize who you are not.


Spirituality, Transcendence (Mars in Aquarius, 12. House)

The twelfth house is perhaps the most challenging place for a Mars transit. Mars represents self-interest and ego drive. But in this house, he must sacrifice those ambitions to a non-personal cause. Prometheus was punished for his act of stealing fire from the Gods, but he did it anyway because he believed in the cause. Psychologically, altruism is the motivation that drives Mars’ ambitions.