Astrological Forecast for March 2022

What is happening in the stars? Let’s take a closer look at the Astrological Forecast for March 2022.

At the beginning of March, we find ourselves in a different world. A potentially serious, and far-reaching military conflict has erupted in Europe. Even if it does not affect us directly, at least for now, something fundamental has changed. It is no longer possible to pretend that war always happens in faraway places or assume that nukes will never be used. We are in a highly precarious situation that, according to the planets, it is not likely to be over any time very soon. But it is a highly dynamic situation with several opportunities to avert the worst.


Mars/Venus conjunction

We are currently experiencing a powerful Mars/Venus conjunction in Capricorn that drags on for a rather long time. This is highly unusual since Venus normally moves almost twice as fast as Mars. But Venus has only just come out of retrograde motion and is still very slow. This has given Mars a chance to catch up to her. The two are moving almost at the same pace, which is why their conjunction will last so long.

In Vedic astrology, planets that are within one degree of each other are said to be at ‘planetary war’. When the planets are moving at their regular speeds, such a war usually only lasts a day or two. But this Venus/Mars conjunction is different. This ‘planetary war’ will last for weeks, and instead of hot love, it looks more like an almighty row. It peaks during the conjunction with Pluto, just as Venus and Mars prepare to leave Capricorn.


March Overview

March 1 – 5, 2022

The month kicks off with the New Moon in Pisces on March 2. Jupiter is not far from the Sun and Moon, giving cause for hope. But, it is a faint hope. Mars and Venus conjunct Pluto on the same day, and that feels a lot more ominous. On the same day, Mercury conjuncts Saturn, but these two are not connecting to anything else in the chart.
There may be talks and some goodwill, but these are not connected to reality.
In the geopolitical arena, we may see some disconnected talking.

In the background, the Sun (and Moon) are sextiling Uranus and semi-squaring Venus and Mars. That does not look super dramatic but conveys an atmosphere of tension and unpredictability.

The exact conjunction between Venus, Mars and Pluto takes place on March 3, but it is operational already before then. This is likely to be THE decisive aspect of the current crisis, although its effects will be experienced in the aftermath.

A glimpse of hope appears on the horizon on March 5, when the Sun conjuncts Jupiter. But it must be remembered that Jupiter is seen as a beneficial influence, it is not a symbol of peace. Its core meaning is expansiveness. The Ancients timed their war efforts to coincide with benevolent Jupiter aspects to assure success for their missions.


March 6 – 12, 2022

On March 6, Venus and Mars leave Capricorn and form their exact conjunction at 0° Aquarius. This is likely to shift the energy dynamics, which is confirmed by the aspects that follow: The rest of the week is marked semi-sextiles and semi-squares, indicating potential that we have to work on if we are to make the most of it. The semi-squares are more emotional and irritating. The semi-sextiles are openings that must be seized as they appear, or else the opportunity may quickly evaporate.


March 13 – 17, 2022

On March 13, the Sun conjuncts Neptune. This signifies a powerful potential for envisioning the future. Jupiter is also involved in the mix, although now a little more distant from the Sun. But, the Moon in Cancer trines the conjunction and opposes Pluto. And Venus and Mars are now one degree apart. The dynamics have changed, but at the same time, we must be careful not to let the wool be pulled over our eyes. When Neptune is involved, things often look better than what they are and confusion, lies, pretend manoeuvres are always possible. Still, it is always important to believe that a better, peaceful world is possible, even when the current situation looks bleak. That is the magic of hope. It can transport us to a place of our imagination that sees things not as they are, but as they could be – and that propels and motivates us to strive towards our dreams.

The following week has more semi-squares, semi-sextile and sextiles in store, paving the way to the Full Moon.


March 18 – 23, 2022

The Full Moon on March 18,  is under the influence of Uranus, which squares Venus and Mars, although it is not exact. Venus and Mars are still very much in focus, especially as they are now heading for a conjunction with Saturn.

The Sun is part of a stellium (four planets conjunct in the same sign) and most closely aligned to Neptune). Since Venus, Mars and Saturn are in Aquarius, and Mercury, Jupiter, Neptune and the Sun are in Pisces, there is no conclusive dialogue. The real conversation is between Pluto and the Sun (sextile), and the rhetoric is likely to be fiery, thanks to Mercury’s sextile with Uranus.


March 19 – 26, 2022

The dynamics culminate just after the Full Moon as Venus and Mars complete their squares with Uranus on March 19, and the Sun enters Aries on March 20. Aries is well known to be decisive but can also be impulsive and irrational – a bit of a loose cannon. At any rate, once the Sun has moved into Aries, the pace is likely to pick up.

Mercury reaches Jupiter on March 21, a powerful creative and imaginative impulse, especially since it is also conjunct Neptune ( a few degrees away.) But its shadow must also be kept in mind: conceitedness, boastfulness, lies and delusion. Mars squares Uranus on March 22, indicating a highly precarious moment. In such a volatile situation, it can potentially be explosive. The threat is not exactly appeased by Mercury’s conjunction with Neptune, on March 23.


March 24 – 27, 2022

The following days are marked by semi-sextiles, sextiles, and semi-squares again, but these seem less stressed than the earlier ones. Mercury enters Aries on March 27 and forms a semi-square with Mars the next day, turning up the rhetoric.


March 28 – 31, 2022

On March 28, Venus conjuncts Saturn (Mars follows suit about a week later). Saturn is likely to slam on the brakes. Things take on a more sober note. The following week shows the nodal axis in focus, which always pop up prominently when significant political issues are at stake. Saturn reminds us that there are consequences for our impulsive acts.



March looks high-strung and filled with tension, which can spill over to our personal lives. We can expect quite a bit of stress, irritability and nervousness due to the general uncertainty. Practice mindfulness and focus on your actual sphere of influence. That is where your actions have their greatest impact – and make love, not war, at home. There is tremendous potential for a creative breakthrough. But, the potential stays inert unless activated with elbow grease.