• Mercury enters Aquarius, 01/02, 2022
  • Mercury goes retrograde 01/14, 2022
  • Mercury re-enters Capricorn, 01/26, 2022
  • Mercury goes direct 02/04, 2022
  • Mercury enters Aquarius, 02/14, 2022
  • Mercury enters Pisces 03/10, 2022

Mercury moves so fast that we usually don’t really notice its transit – except when it amplifies other planets or when it goes retrograde. 

But it is instructional to observe its effects in the sphere of commerce and trade, in politics, in teaching, in transport and the media. In Aquarius, Mercury’s ingenuity is on full display.

Mercury will be going retrograde this month, so we are likely to see its effects more clearly. He will move back into Capricorn for almost 3 weeks before re-entering Aquarius on February 14, 2022. He will then spend another 3.5 weeks in Aquarius before entering Pisces on March 10, 2022. So in total, Mercury will be spending almost 7 weeks in Aquarius, in both direct and retrograde motion.

Curious and innovative

Mercury in Aquarius is inquisitive. He is a tinkerer, interested in how things work and why. But he is also interested in the big questions: how did the universe come into being? And how is a species such as ours supposed to live? Mercury seeks to understand, which gives him the foundation to innovate technologies that can benefit humanity.

Science and technology are his natural domains. He enjoys mental challenges and entertains all kinds of ideas, just for the experiment or to play the devil’s advocate. To him, innovation is an adventure in thought.

Social studies

Mercury in Aquarius is just as interested in politics and social issues, as he is in the cosmic laws that govern existence. He might read about the latest developments in quantum physics, string, and chaos theory, just as likely as he would about Astrology, system thinking, and social psychology. Mercury wants to grasp the underlying universal laws and principles. But his tendency to generalize means that he might miss the more subtle shades of the spectrum. And his abstraction fails to connect him emotionally with the topic of concern.


Mercury in Aquarius is also known for its witty sense of humour that pokes fun at conventional norms. This is a very independently-minded Mercury who does not accept any kind of mental prison nor see the point of conformity. Mercury in Aquarius is a free thinker.


Mercury moves so fast that its transits to natal planets are rarely noticed. But its movements through the signs and houses are worth observing.

Self-Presentation, Persona (Mercury in Aquarius 1. House)

Mercury is a communicator who wants to share his ideas and has a great desire for social interaction. Psychologically, Mercury transits stimulate curiosity. We learn about ourselves by interacting with others.

Money, Values (Mercury in Aquarius 2. House)

When transiting through the second house, Mercury reflects on his values – and might change them, just to try out a different perspective. Money should have a function and not just be gathered for its own sake. If you have it, do something with it. Preferably, something that serves a purpose.

Psychologically, this transit is a chance to examine what your possessions really mean to you. If they have lost their meaning, it might be time to pass them on.

Friends and Kin, Mental Processing (Mercury in Aquarius 3. House)

This transit tends to denote a very active time. In Aquarius, Mercury is outspoken and argues passionately for his chosen cause. Digital communications may be very important under this transit.

Psychologically, Mercury relishes mental exchanges with peers, which sparks new ideas and innovation.

Home and Family (Mercury in Aquarius 4. House)

Aquarius can be excentric. With this sign on the fourth house cusp, the family life tends to be unconventional, if perhaps emotionally a bit detached. Mercury seeks wants to feel secure in a sense of belonging,  yet absolutely insists on being unique and different to everybody else. Psychologically, the sense of intellectual independence is what matters most.

Creativity, Children (Mercury in Aquarius 5. House)

In the house of self-expression, Mercury in Aquarius enjoys exploring the far reaches of the mind playfully. This transit can also be quite prankish – Mercury can be a terrible tease. But, not all social contexts are appropriate for this kind of entertainment. Psychologically, novelty excites a playful impulse. Expanding the mind with new concepts and ideas is super exciting for Mercury in Aquarius. But, even light entertainment can spark an unexpected flow of ideas.

Health, Work, Service (Mercury in Aquarius 6. House)

The sixth house reflects the work/life balance. Too much stress at work can result in health problems. A Mercury transit can be very stimulating, but at times it can manifest as mental overload, when there is too much to do. Psychologically, overstimulation can manifest as nervousness and anxiety. Remember to charge your batteries from time to time and not to take everything so seriously.

Partnership, Relationship (Mercury in Aquarius 7. House)

Aquarius in the house of relationships can often feel aloof and may come across as emotionally cold and distant. A Mercury transit can help to clear communication channels, but sometimes the conversation can turn almost brutally honest and open. Psychologically, detachment can be a defence mechanism. Above all, Mercury seeks to understand the realm of shared mind-space.

Shared Assets, Inner Resources (Mercury in Aquarius 8. House)

The Aquarian view of the world is abstract: it tends to categorize and organize things into universal principles and systems. In the eighth house, Mercury tries to understand the mysteries of life and death as concepts. To do so, he may use a symbolic system such as Astrology to look ‘beyond the veil’. Psychologically, an abstract understanding of the mysteries gives Mercury a sense of intellectual control in the face of the abyss.

Travel, Study (Mercury in Aquarius 9. House)

The ninth house focuses on the inner and outer horizons. Mercury is interested in the borderlines, the places where ecosystems or cultures converge. For Mercury in Aquarius, travel can be a form of self-discovery, even (or especially) when it is some kind of journey undertaken as a group. Psychologically, an outer journey always also represents an exploration and modification of inner space. It teaches us who we are through the mirror of interaction with ‘the other’.

Career, Status (Mercury in Aquarius 10. House)

The house of career lends itself to exploring novel strategies, and social media outreach. For Aquarius, teamwork and networking are important in all contexts. Psychologically, Mercury needs others to bounce his ideas off on, and from that interaction new ideas are spun.

Community, In-Group (Mercury in Aquarius 11. House)

Mercury in Aquarius feels most at home in the company of like-minded people, like groups who share a special interest or are engaged with a shared cause. Psychologically, social cohesion based on a common belief creates a sense of belonging. Mercury has a unique ability to connect very different groups and people, which can spark unexpected connections and collaborations.

Spirituality, Transcendence (Mercury in Aquarius 12. House)

In the twelfth house, Aquarius may seek a sense of identity by ‘losing himself’ in a group identity. When Mercury transits this section of the horoscope, the mood can be quite withdrawn. Psychologically, Mercury in the twelfth house is engaged in introspection – uncharacteristically, he listens more than he talks. This transit is very conducive to a spiritual, or mindfulness practice.