Happy Chinese New Year of the Water-Tiger!

…and welcome to the astrological forecast for February 2022


I don’t know much about Chinese Astrology, but Tigers have a reputation for being courageous, outspoken, and rebellious. That seems pretty apt for the current times. The atmosphere has felt pretty volatile, lately. Western Astrology puts those bristly vibes down to different factors, though – like the ongoing tension between Saturn and Uranus. As we will see, February highlights those tensions.


Let’s take a closer look at the astrological forecast for February 2022.


February 1 – 8, 2022

February starts with the New Moon in Aquarius on February 1, closely conjunct Saturn, and square Uranus. That is plenty tense right there! At least, Mercury turns direct again on February 4, hurray! On the same day, Mars sextiles Jupiter, and the Sun exacts its conjunction with Saturn. It looks like a precarious balancing act between bold confidence and restraint. Two days later, on February 6, Mars squares Chiron before trining Uranus on February 8. It seems like there is more civil unrest on the way – along with the authoritarian crack-down response. When Mercury conjuncts Pluto on February 11, communication is at a delicate hinge-point. Diplomacy is badly needed – but may break down.


February 8 – 18, 2022

Starting on February 8, there is a lot of planetary activity involving the nodes. Between February 8 to 11, Venus and Mars are casting sesquiquadrates to the north node, which is followed by a trine from Mercury on February 12, and from Pluto on February 14. This series is completed on February 15 with a square from the Sun. These aspects suggest a slight release of tension but convey urgency for decisive action.

When the nodes pop up prominently on or close to a lunation, it almost always indicates some politically significant commotion. The Full Moon falls on February 16, which coincides with a Mars/ Venus conjunction. This offers some hope that the current crisis can be resolved diplomatically.

Mercury will re-enter Aquarius on February 14, Saturn will be semi-sextiling Mars and Venus on February 17, and Jupiter throws in a sextile with Uranus for good measure. These aspects give cause for cautious hope and a change of planetary energy, especially once the Sun moves into Pisces on February 18.


February 19 – 28, 2022

The last part of February sees further easing of tensions, although there are things to work out. A semi-square between Mercury and Neptune could cause some confusion on February 21.

Venus and Mars stay very closely together as they tango through the latter part of Capricorn, sextiling Neptune on February 23 and 24. The mood is more amenable, except for Mercury, who throws a square to Uranus on February 25. But Mercury will be Mercury. In Aquarius, he is always tongue-in-cheek, contrarian, and a devil’s advocate. He might be setting the stage for the next round of planetary drama at the beginning of March.