Mercury is in Capricorn

December 13, 2021 – January 2, 2022

Mercury, the messenger planet, enters earthy Capricorn. In this sign, Mercury is less prone to suffer bouts of attention deficit or an overload of ideas. Capricorn grounds that mercurial energy and puts it to strategic and purposeful use. Careful planning is the name of the game. When making decisions, he carefully deliberates all the pros and cons but invests his energies only in the most realistic options.

Spirituality in action

Although Capricorn is a rational sign, there is also a spiritual side to the ‘goat-fish’, albeit a rather orthodox and traditional one. Capricorn has a clear sense of structures and hierarchies, which offers an apparently stable and secure foundation. Its rules, laws and dogmas are the cornerstones that keep Mercury’s feet firmly on the ground. Mercury in Capricorn walks his talk.


Although a little risk-averse, Mercury does bring a bit of movement into old routines. His practical and down-to-earth approach can both help and hinder creative innovation. It is helpful because it does not waste time on impossible pursuits. But it is also a hindrance when ideas are not allowed to flow freely.

Watch the small print

Mercury in Capricorn can be a stickler for the legal fine print, making sure all the i’s are dotted and the t’s are crossed. Formalities, correct procedures and strategy are of crucial importance.

In psychological astrology, Mercury represents the cognitive processes. Capricorn is a somewhat melancholic sign, and Mercury may indulge in nostalgia, painting the past in rosy colours while having a bleak outlook on the future. The remedy for this self-defeating frame of mind is to use Mercury to work on the personal biography – remembering and integrating the past instead of lamenting lost opportunities.

Mercury transits are extremely transient as he moves swiftly through the signs. Direct aspects to natal planets highlight that planet’s concern and bring some movement into its affairs. Mercury in Capricorn is potentially highly industrious – get ready for a busy time.


Self-Presentation, Persona (Mercury in Capricorn in 1. House)

The first house is about how we enter the stage and say hello to the world. Mercury is quick to grasp cues, but in Capricorn, he prefers to play it safe. Going by the rules of social conventions, he observes formalities and holds back rather than make a fool of himself. Psychologically, Mercury in Capricorn is cautious and guarded but unflappable.


Money, Values (Mercury in Capricorn 2. House)

The second house is about what we value. As an earth sign, Capricorn has an affinity with the material world. Material objects make it feel secure. Psychologically, Mercury in Capricorn is prudent and risk-averse. He calculates the cost and benefits of any investment before taking action. Why take chances?


Friends and Kin, Mental Processing (Mercury in Capricorn, 3. House)

The third house depicts our social environment, friends, siblings, and neighbours with whom we regularly interact. It also reflects mental processes. Capricorn derives a sense of order and stability from categorizing information within a traditional framework. Psychologically, it can be unsettling when new information does not fit the established categories. The broader the reference framework, the easier it is to build on it.


Home and Family (Mercury in Capricorn, 4. House)

The fourth house is the home, but not just the physical family home. It signifies identity, and Capricorn here shows how identity is tied to class, culture, religion or country. Psychologically, Mercury breathes life into the traditions with familiar rituals that affirm established bonds.


Creativity, Children (Mercury in Capricorn, 5. House)

The fifth house is about creativity and expressing the whims of the inner child. Capricorn is less carefree than other signs. Play is work, and work is play. Creativity is something to be mastered and taken seriously. Psychologically, Mercury stimulates the urge for play, but in a structured way. Having a purpose or goal helps to get him going.


Health, Work, Service (Mercury in Capricorn, 6. House)

The sixth house corresponds to Virgo, a sign that Mercury rules. It is concerned with work, competencies, and health issues. Capricorn manages the affairs of this house best by establishing rituals and routines. During this transit, Mercury might make adjustments to the schedule. Psychologically, a healthy work/life balance helps to stay sane, especially at this time of the year. Taking a break once in a while can improve efficiency.


Partnership, Relationship (Mercury in Capricorn, 7. House)

The seventh house reflects social interactions in all types of relationships, romantic or business. Capricorn needs firmly established rules and parameters. A Mercury transit can bring a new perspective through feedback from others. Psychologically, Mercury infuses Capricornian structures with fluidity. Relationships are prone to break if they are too rigid. Mercury teaches flexibility.


Shared Assets, Inner Resources (Mercury in Capricorn, 8. House)

The eighth house depicts the private side of relationships – the way we share ourselves and our resources. Capricorn can be reserved and cautious. It does not trust easily. Psychologically, a Mercury transit can unearth hidden resources and help to see them in a new light.


Travel, Study (Mercury in Capricorn, 9. House)

The ninth house is about gaining a better understanding of the world. It corresponds to the sign of Sagittarius, the seeker of the zodiac. Traditionally, it is described as the house of higher education and travel. Both travel and higher education expand the mind. Capricorn in this part of the horoscope indicates a structured and traditional approach to these topics. Mercury is the planet of learning, always alert to new information. Psychologically, learning occurs in response to the environment. Mercury can add to or challenge long-held beliefs. In either case, it’s a stimulating process.


Career, Status (Mercury in Capricorn, 10. House)

The tenth house corresponds to the sign of Capricorn. It is the house of our calling or career. For Capricorn, that often means ‘climbing the ladder. Mercury, the messenger, can present as an opportunity or assist strategic planning operations. Psychologically, the mind has to be ready to recognize opportunity when it comes along. Mercury might just be the door-opener for change.


Community, In-Group (Mercury in Capricorn, 11. House)

The eleventh house is the house of shared interests. Here we meet people with whom we connect through a common interest. It describes our tribe. When Capricorn commits to a social cause, it means business. Mercurial energy here indicates opportunities for social networking. Psychologically, groups develop ‘a group mind’. If focused, it can solve problems better than an individual does alone. Mercury stimulates the process of brainstorming and planning. Sometimes new members can stimulate new ways of thinking and doing things.


Spirituality, Transcendence (Mercury in Capricorn, 12. House)

The twelfth house is the most obscure place in the zodiac, where we want to dissolve ego boundaries and find unity through transcendence. An earth sign like Capricorn may not seem very adept to this sphere. But this is where the fish part of the goat-fish comes into play. Capricorn’s spirituality is existential. It is ego-sacrifice that brings the greatest fulfilment. When Mercury passes through this part of the horoscope, Mercury digs up deeply buried content from the subconscious mind and reveals it in dreams and intuitions. Psychologically, this can be a time of inner processing and soul-searching.