Eclipse New Moon in Sagittarius, December 4, 2021

This New Moon takes place on the last eclipse in the Sagittarius/Gemini cycle before the nodes retrograde into Taurus and Scorpio. The lunar nodes stay for approx 18 months in each polarity, so this change of signs is quite a shift of focus. The message at this threshold moment is, what we feed the mind matters – it shapes our world. Information shapes thoughts, which turn into ideas and eventually precipitate into action. Mental hygiene is key to better mental health: free yourself of mental clutter and pay attention to the stories you consume.

New Moon conjunct Mercury opposite Lilith

This New Moon in Sagittarius takes place on the last eclipse of the Sagittarius/Gemini axis.
Sagittarius is the ‘Tigger’ of the zodiac. He spontaneously catches fire and generates enthusiasm out of thin air. The New Moon in this sign in conjunction with the eclipse stimulates the desire for a new beginning, for new goals, intentions and dreams. But, before we get to that, we will have to go through the dark night of the eclipse.

The New Moon is conjunct Mercury, which, in Sagittarius, speaks before he thinks and can be brash and tactless. As Mercury opposes Lilith in Gemini, thoughtless (even if truthful) comments cause irritation that will be difficult to smooth out later. Unresolved and smouldering issues need to be aired and resolved, but delivery is the key. Words matter – be careful how you use them!


Uranus quincunx Sun/Moon

Another challenge comes from Uranus, who forms a quincunx with the Sun and Moon. Uranus symbolizes sudden disturbances and eruptions. An inner adjustment or change of attitude is required that takes the needs of others into account, not just one’s personal agenda. Crises are opportunities for learning – if we respond with an open mind, and are willing to change. The issue here is to reconcile the needs of the individual with those of a larger group.


Venus Conjunct Pluto

Only a couple of degrees from the exact conjunction, Venus is fast approaching Pluto in Capricorn. Mythologically, this conjunction is an image of Persephone’s annual journey to the Underworld. During this period of withdrawal, she rejuvenates and restores her creative powers. But, that does not mean she is frolicking in the fountain of youth – at least not yet. Before any restructuring can take place, comes a time of shedding, and stripping things down to the core. This is a challenging period for relationships that are on the rocks, but also a time to face fears of abandonment, and power and control issues.


Venus /Pluto semi-sextile Jupiter

Not a major aspect, but one that offers some hope. Jupiter stands for justice and in Aquarius, this applies especially to humanitarian concerns. But the semi-sextile is not strong. It needs to be kindled and nurtured to produce a positive effect.


Venus/Pluto sextile Mars

The sextile represents an opportunity to integrate lessons of the recent past. While Mars in Scorpio can be secretive and vengeful, Venus and Pluto in Capricorn are more calculating, sober and pragmatic. If the Mars energy can be addressed, it may be defused and used constructively.

Some, especially those who have direct transit contacts with these planets, may be dealing with their own shadows or past traumas at this time.


Mars square Jupiter / Mars Sesquiquadrate Chiron

It’s crunch time. Mars pushes for decisive action. It may be uncomfortable and at odds with what we had hoped for, but not acting also has consequences – just not desired ones. At times, we are forced to face an uncomfortable truth or take a difficult decision because it is the right thing to do. Chiron’s involvement suggests that health matters are in focus.

Chiron sextile Saturn

the sextile between Chiron and Saturn indicates that there is a chance to apply what has been learnt in recent times. We have the tools – now we must use them.



Also heating up, but not acute on this New Moon, is the tightening Saturn/Uranus square, which will be more prevalent at the next Full Moon. But in the run-up, it will intensify noticeably.