Mercury enters Sagittarius

Sagittarius is deemed a ‘lucky’ sign. But while Sagittarius thinks his good fortune has been doled out to him by the gods, psychology would claim that much of it is due to his basic attitudes to life. To Sagittarius, the glass is not just half-full – ‘his cup runneth over’. Faced with a challenge, he doesn’t get scared but excited. And when it comes to envisioning the future, the sky is the limit – there are always options.

Of course, like the rest of us, Sagittarius, just like the rest of us, has to grapple with the tedium of daily life. Time is not an inexhaustible resource – at least not our personal lifetime. And bad things can and do happen to good people – even to care-free Sagittarians.

Yet, attitudes determine how we interpret the events we face in life, and that makes all the difference.
When Mercury, the planet of the mind, passes through Sagittarius, he simply ignores the nay-sayers, and this alone gets him to places others don’t even dare to dream about. That does not make him immune to failure. But he does not see a failed attempt as a catastrophe. He just gets up, shakes off the dust, laughs at his own foolishness and tries again!

Mercury transits are fleeting. They don’t make a deep, lasting impression but influence our everyday business and interactions with siblings, neighbours and friends. When Mercury is in Sagittarius, there is often a serendipitous flair to such interactions. Chance meetings bring new opportunities, or we discover or re-discover interests or revive connections that suddenly take on new meaning. The world is full of chance meetings and opportunities. What you do with them is the key.


Self-Presentation, Persona (Mercury in Sagittarius, 1. House)

The world changes through the way you look at it. Sagittarius is generally open-minded, but when Mercury is passing through, some incident or chance encounter opens a different perspective. And from there, a new whole new adventure begins, at least potentially. Psychologically, the antennae are out and ready to pick up on new stimuli.


Money, Values (Mercury in Sagittarius, 2. House)

The second house signifies possessions, values and money, but also the sense of self-worth. Sagittarius relies on their good fortune and opportunism to score. Mercury brings movement and change, which always has opportunities in store. Psychologically, openness and optimism attract many blessings.


Friends, Kin and Cognition (Mercury in Sagittarius, 3. House)

The third house in Mercury’s natural abode. As a transit, it stimulates social interactions with friends and kin. These, in turn, stimulate new ideas and plans and maybe visions for the future. Psychologically, our horizons expand with the amount of food for thought we consume. When the mind is ready for new ideas, give it some nourishment!


Home and Family (Mercury in Sagittarius, 4. House)

The fourth house represents our home and roots. Sagittarius is more at home in a mythical realm than their place of birth. Mercury in Sagittarius is restless and searching for meaning. Psychologically, it is a time to reflect and connect the threads of life into a coherent pattern.


Creativity, Children (Mercury in Sagittarius, 5. House)

This is the house of creative self-expression. It is where the inner child can play freely, and nowhere more so than in Sagittarius. Mercury stimulates this house with plenty of ideas and new inputs. Psychologically, this is an opportunity to explore your creativity. Sometimes the company of children will help to unleash your own inner child without inhibitions.


Health, Work, Service (Mercury in Sagittarius, 6. House)

Mercury brings dynamic energy to any house it passes through. In Sagittarius, there is a tendency to bite off more than he can chew, in turn impacting health and well-being. Psychologically, it is helpful to stay organized and grounded so as not to get overwhelmed. Exercising in nature is highly beneficial.


Partnership, Relationship (Mercury in Sagittarius, 7. House)

Mercury, the communicator, enlivens the house of relationships. Chance meetings can be very stimulating. This transit can be flirtatious but fickle. If your relationship has got into a rut, it may be an opportunity to change the dynamics.
Psychologically, there is a heightened need for communication. Address any issues you need to air with your partner.


Shared Assets, Inner Resources (Mercury in Sagittarius, 8. House)

The Sagittarian qualities of optimism, humour and thinking big are the resources that Mercury can draw on while transiting this house. He may be tempted to take a gamble on financial dealings. Psychologically, this transit is an opportunity to reflect on the meaning and purpose you give your life and how to best use your resources to more fully express these.


Travel, Study, Cosmology (Mercury in Sagittarius, 9. House)

A coherent and meaningful model of the world helps us make sense of our lives. Sagittarius tends to have a cosmovision and regards life as a quest for meaning. Mercury transiting this house is an invitation to test, expand and modify the model. Psychologically, Mercury represents inquisitiveness. This is the drive that expands the world we live in by expanding our concept of it.

Career, Status (Mercury in Sagittarius, 10. House)

Although short, this transit offers an opportunity to think outside the box, especially regarding your career or vocation. Review your strategies and processes to see how they can be improved. Psychologically, Mercury stimulates the quest for bigger goals and achievements. Allow yourself to dream big.


Community, In-Group (Mercury in Sagittarius, 11. House)

Sagittarius in this house denotes a pretty diverse social circle. Mercury stimulates the social instinct and may seek opportunities to explore new friendships or interest groups. Psychologically, doing so expands the social identity.


Spirituality, Transcendence (Mercury in Sagittarius, 12. House)

This is perhaps the least extrovert placement for Sagittarius. The focus is more profoundly on spiritual or philosophical matters. Mercury’s transit is a chance to reflect on one’s beliefs and perhaps revise or expand some of them. Psychologically, this transit is about the quest for meaning to make sense of the everyday madness of the world.