Scorpio has a reputation, and we all know it: super-sexed, secretive, and intensely jealous. When Venus passes through, the Goddess of Love is seen as a ‘femme fatale’. But is it really that bad? Let’s scratch the surface to see beyond the stereotype.


Venus in Scorpio does not trust easily, as her feelings run deeply indeed. She will never reveal herself to anyone who she deems untrustworthy. But when she does open up, she expects the utmost respect and loyalty. 


Her famous jealousy is an expression of vulnerability, which she regards as a deep inner wound. Thus, she has no mercy on those who betray her trust. At best, she will simply cut them off, forever. Or she will find a way to retaliate.


Deep down, Venus in Scorpio is rather sensitive, and to protect her innermost feelings, she shrouds them in secrecy. But that can backfire. Her air of aloofness and mystery acts as an irresistible attention magnet. Instead of deflecting unwanted interest, she inadvertently sets up a challenge to crack her secrets. Thus, she finds herself constantly on guard for fear of being betrayed or ridiculed. 


Because her lonely, shielded self yearns for intimacy, sex is all the more important to her. It is the only setting in which she feels safe enough to share her deepest feelings. And, it is also an opportunity to deeply penetrate her partners’ psyche and its vulnerabilities. The reciprocity establishes an equilibrium of power. Any insights gained can be used to take revenge in case of a breach of trust and confidence.


But there is also a deeply compassionate side to Venus in Scorpio. She is not afraid of the shadow and knows that every soul has both light and darkness. Beauty must love the beast to bring out the beauty in the soul of the beast. Venus in Scorpio can seem quite saintly in this respect, but she is no angel, and her compassion derives from her own sense of rejection and pain.


Venus is quite a fast-moving planet, which means that the transit will be felt more like a mood. Only where Venus makes direct contact with planets in the personal horoscope is it likely to produce a more tangible effect. 


Self-Presentation, Persona (Venus in Scorpio in the 1. House):

In the first house, Venus shows her charming side and attracts attention. It is a good transit for making a positive first impression – heads will be turning. The magnetic current is running strong.


Money, Values (Venus in Scorpio in the 2. House):

Depending on the overall sense of self-worth, this transit can highlight emotional insecurity and jealousy as a result. Venus passing through this section of the chart can be rather self-indulgent – or the opposite. But it is never halfway.


Friends and Kin, Mental Processing (Venus in Scorpio in the 3. House):

In Scorpio, Venus is rarely prone to superficiality and small-talk. But she might flex her flirting muscle just for fun – and that can have unintended consequences. Rumours and gossip may also become an issue at this time.


Home and Family (Venus in Scorpio in the 4. House):

In the house of home and family, Venus in Scorpio is much more private and focused on her creature comforts. It is a good transit for self-care and for digging in the annals of the past, tracing long-lost ancestors or doing biography work. 


Creativity, Children (Venus in Scorpio in the 5. House):

A visit from Venus in the fifth house is always a pleasurable occasion. Her teasing playfulness arouses passion and may spark an affair or spice up married life with a dose of sexy romance. A little luxury and sensory indulgence will press all the right buttons.


Health, Work, Service (Venus in Scorpio in the 6. House):

In the house of health, work and service, Venus tends towards extremes. Inner cleansing, an extreme diet, or exercise regime might suddenly appear on the radar. 


Partnership, Relationship (Venus in Scorpio in the 7. House):

Planets that are transiting the seventh house are often projected on others who fit the description. Venus might appear as a charming temptress or a manipulative schemer. (The seventh house is also the house of open enemies). At any rate, it is a good idea to be discreet in all your dealings with ‘the other’.


Shared Assets, Inner Resources (Venus in Scorpio in the 8. House):

This transit can indicate a material gain through a beneficial liaison. It can also highlight the importance of personal relationships as inner resources. This can be a time of deep intimacy and sharing.


Travel, Study (Venus in Scorpio in the 9. House):

In the ninth house, Venus is interested in other people and cultures. In Scorpio, she often has a fascination with the fringe of society. She might feel attracted to the occult or some other obscure or taboo subject.


Career, Status (Venus in Scorpio in the 10. House):

Venus is not really at home in the tenth house. But in Scorpio, she is on a mission and can be very single-minded, pursuing her goals no matter what. Her instinctual understanding of human psychology enables her to play her cards strategically to her best advantage.


Community, In-Group (Venus in Scorpio in the 11. House)

This house is a gathering place of like-minded people. Venus is Scorpio finds company for her sometimes obscure interests. Friends and community provide a framework for sharing emotional intimacy and mutual support that is extremely important to Venus in Scorpio. 


Spirituality, Transcendence (Venus in Scorpio in the 12. House)

This section of the horoscope is an intense place for Venus is Scorpio. She feels the weight of the world and all its suffering almost as personal pain. A sense of guilt or responsibility may compel her to do something about it, and there is no stopping her.