Mars is transiting Virgo

July 29 – September 15, 2021

Mars is passing through Virgo for 6 weeks until the middle of September. In this practical, no-nonsense sign, he is not an easy bedfellow. Mars in Virgo can be a hair-splitting stickler. And of course, he is always right!
Of course, there is a sunny side to this trait. His eagle eye and methodical approach to problem-solving is a useful mindset for data analysis or scientific research. He leaves no room for error and always has a master plan, plus plan B to infinity to cover every eventuality.


With this kind of foresight, there is virtually no room for factor X. And yet, in the unlikely event that something unexpected does happen, he can adapt to circumstances and exploit the opportunities that present themselves. Chances are, in his manner of general preparedness, he packed a multifunction tool, just in case. Mars in Virgo can be very resourceful that way.


On the other hand, he can also be a perfectionist: over-critical and unforgiving – especially towards himself. When his rage turns inward, he beats himself up relentlessly, even over the most trivial things.
Mars is known for his impatience, and he certainly does not suffer fools gladly while he is transiting Virgo. His sharp, sarcastic comments can be hurtful. He needs to learn to be more accepting and stop taking things so seriously, including himself.


Mars only stays about 6 weeks in Virgo, so the effects of this transit will not be very pronounced. Only those who experience it as direct transit to personal planets in their own horoscopes are likely to get a  more tangible dose. 



Self-Presentation, Persona (Mars in Virgo in 1. House):

Energy levels are up, and you are a bit of a whirlwind. However, keep in mind that others might be a bit slower or have their own agendas. Instead of criticizing others, accept them the way they are. You may be eager to help but ask first if it is wanted.


Money, values (Mars in Virgo 2. House):

In the area of money and values, Mars in Virgo is data-driven and highly analytical. Emotions rarely come into his money equations. He can be crafty, though, and good at bartering.


Friends and Kin, Mental Processing (Mars in Virgo 3. House):

When Mars is passing through the third house, he can be a bit testy. Sibling rivalry and petty arguments are not uncommon. His know-it-all attitude can be off-putting and is not likely to win him much support. Easy, tiger!


Home and Family (Mars in Virgo 4. House):

This could be a lively period for domestic matters but not necessarily harmonious. Little things can be irritating and spark arguments that may get out of hand. Try not to insist on having everything done your way.


Creativity, Children (5. House):

In the house of creative self-expression, Mars has no problem asserting himself. This can be an excellent transit for pursuing a creative project. Mars provides an extra boost of energy for planning and execution. Make the most of it!


Health, Work, Service (6. House):

Mars in the house of work can herald a stressful time. There may be rivalry, and competition or you may feel that whatever you do, is not enough. But you can also use this energy to make your workflow more efficient. Revise your action plan to work smarter, not harder, and be gentle with yourself and your co-workers. Stress can be detrimental to your health.


Partnership, Relationship (7. House):

The seventh house is not just the house of love, but of all kinds of relationships. That includes business partners and even open enemies. With Mars passing through, latent conflict may suddenly erupt. Hair-splitting arguments or nit-picking is a common source of irritation. Try to avoid the blame game and instead tackle issues from a higher perspective.


Shared Assets, Inner Resources (8. House):

Joint assets and resources are the topics of this house, and they are a rich mine for potential disagreements. Even in Virgo, Mars can be impulsive and make risky investment choices. That may not pan out well. Don’t stick your neck out further than what you are willing to lose.


Travel, Study (9. House):

Adventure beckons, but must be carefully planned, leaving nothing to chance. Being prepared means the nitty-gritty is taken care of, but it also means Mars gets cranky when things don’t pan out as planned. A Mars transit in the ninth house can also indicate a battle of intellects. In this house, Mars identifies strongly with his beliefs and may try to force them on others, which is rarely appreciated.


Career, Status (10. House):

Mars is very ambitious and full of drive – especially when transiting the tenth house. This can be a perfect time for entering a competition. Mars seeks recognition, and winning would establish his expertise.
At the other end of the spectrum, this transit may indicate bullying. Mars can be sarcastic and belittling. Don’t give in.


Community, In-Group (11. House)

In this house, Mars must be cooperative, whether he likes it or not. The eleventh house is the house of groups and teams. To win the game, Mars must identify with the group goals and serve these for the greater good of all. If he can not do that, it would be better to leave the group than to bang heads with everybody on the team.


Spirituality, Transcendence (12. House)

The twelfth house is a notoriously problematic house for Mars to pass through – there is so little scope for him to assert his ego drive. Hidden from view, he may harbour anger and frustration, which ruminates somewhere deep down inside. Having nowhere to go, it expresses itself as passive aggression. Seek counselling to clarify the real issues instead of taking your frustrations out on your nearest and dearest. 


Image by MasterTux from Pixabay