Mercury in Leo

Mercury is transiting Leo from July 28 to August 11, 2021 – he is just blazing through this sign. Make the most of it.


In the sunny sign of Leo, Mercury is a spark plug of creative ideas. And he is proud of it, too. In Leo, Mercury is immersed in the Quest for the Self. But at times, he gets a bit too caught up with the ego and proudly blows his own horn. He craves attention and validation by others -and why not? There is a child-like innocence about Mercury in Leo, with his fresh, boisterous energy and playful curiosity. And admiration boosts self-esteem and confidence. 


In Leo, Mercury is rarely shy. He makes sure his voice is heard loud and clear. Sometimes, he can be obstinate and unable (or unwilling) to see another point of view. What is good enough for him MUST be good enough for everybody. And since he is so sure, he happily takes the lead. 


Mercury in Leo has more persistence than in the other fire signs. Leo’s fire burns with a steady flame, sustaining his enthusiasm. 

On August 1, Mercury will catch up to the Sun, and together they will oppose Saturn. Used constructively, this can be a highly disciplined and productive time. But Saturn can also represent procrastination, obsessive perfectionism, or a problem that is caused by a restriction and requires a creative solution.


Mercury is a fast-moving planet, which means that the effects of this transit will be felt more like a mood. Only those who experience it as direct contact to personal planets in their own horoscopes are likely to feel the effects of this transit more tangibly. 


Self-Presentation, Persona (Mercury in a Leo 1. House)

In this part of the horoscope, Mercury wants to be noticed. Let out the inner child and allow him to play and be creative. He loves the stage and enjoys all the attention he can get.


Money, values (Mercury in a Leo 2. House)

Mercury moving through the second house deserves a treat, or so he thinks. He does not mind splurging if he can afford it. Call it retail therapy – it just makes him feel good. Focus on the mind as the wellspring of creative assets and figure out how to profit from them.


Friends and Kin, Mental Processing (Mercury in a Leo 3. House):

In the 3. House, Mercury bubbles with clever ideas and wit and loves to entertain. He is the life of the party, whether he is the guest or the host. This can be a very creative time for writing.


Home and Family (Mercury in a Leo 4. House):

When it comes to creative expression, Mercury’s canvass is the home. But he may also show an interest in family history. Reflect on your heritage and lineage to better understand who you are.


Creativity, Children (Mercury in a Leo 5. House):

This is a playful transit: a fun time to enjoy with the kids. Go explore and have some fun. Or, find a stage where that Mercury can fully express its brilliance and charm.


Health, Work, Service (Mercury in a Leo 6. House):

Pay attention to your health and well-being. A bit of self-care could do wonders to feed the creative juices. Work with a plan to get the most out of your creative ideas.


Partnership, Relationship (Mercury in a Leo 7. House):

A charming butterfly might be passing through if you leave the window open. Enjoy the chance encounter, but don’t try to capture it. This is more about flirting minds than serious romance.


Shared Assets, Inner Resources (Mercury in a Leo 8. House):

Mercury is interested in the hidden parts of the mind, the story underneath and motivation. He digs deep and shines his light onto existential questions. Transactions involving shared resources may move into focus.


Travel, Study (Mercury in a Leo 9. House):

Mercury loves adventures, especially those involving travel. It affirms his sense of being and makes him feel alive. Although travel is still not that easy, it would be difficult to hold him back. At the very least, plan a trip for when it will be possible again to venture out into the wild blue yonder.


Career, Status (Mercury in a Leo 10. House):

An extra dose of charisma lights up your leadership potential. Shine your light and let others notice how special you are. The stage is yours – for the time being.


Community, In-Group (Mercury in a Leo 11. House)

The social world can be a highly confusing arena. Mercury arranges it to suit his perspective. Doing so, can inspire others with his charisma and natural talent to spark enthusiasm.


Spirituality, Transcendence (Mercury in a Leo 12. House)

The 12th house is not exactly Mercury’s sweet spot -an even less so in Leo. At best, he may reflect on the transcendental nature of existence, and seek connection with the higher self. But, at the other end of the spectrum, he may lose his sense of coherence, escape reality or get entangled in transcendental mind-games.