July 22 – August 16, 2021

 In Leo, Venus has had quite a blast. But now, she is moving into Virgo and taking on a different, much more discerning mood. Virgo discriminates and evaluates, analysing situations and motivations. She sets a high bar and is not easily impressed.

 In Virgo, Venus is fussy and detail-orientated. She cares about matters of the earthy realm: nature, gardening, health and healing. Fitness, nutrition, and hygiene are important to her to perfect the body and optimize its condition. It is an independent and self-sufficient Venus. She does not need anyone’s approval or admiration and does not freely offer it either.

 However, at times, her criticism can be harsh and even undermine her own sense of self-worth. Venus in Virgo needs to learn acceptance and self-care.

 Use this Venus transit to pay extra attention to your physical health and well-being. Identify bad habits and replace them with good ones. A healthy routine may help. But don’t be too hard on yourself or others. Consider your circle of influence and accept the things you cannot change.


Venus is a fast-moving planet. The effects of this transit will be felt fleetingly. Only those, who experience this transit as a direct contact to planets in their personal horoscopes, are likely to feel more tangible effects.



Self-Presentation, Persona (Venus in Virgo, 1. House):

Self-image is a big deal when Venus transits this house. Since she has her eye trained on shortcomings, she can be overly self-critical. Don’t dwell on imperfection. Instead, focus on all the things you like about your self-image. If there are things you can change, fine! But accept what you cannot change instead of getting dismayed!


Money, Values (Venus in Virgo, 2. House):

Venus likes to spend money, but in a Virgo second house, she is thrifty. She is a waste-not-want-not-type and recycles by default. Whatever she does spend money on must come up to her high expectations.


Friends and Kin, Mental Processing (Venus in Virgo, 3. House):

A visit from Venus is usually a happy occasion. But in a Virgo third house, it can be a bit trying. Venus can be pretty fussy, and her high standards are not easy to live up to. Others may feel unappreciated or wrongfully criticized.

This transit is helpful for problem-solving of any kind. Venus in Virgo seeks solutions that are not only practical but also beautiful. Her aim is perfection.


Home and Family (Venus in Virgo, 4. House):

Use this transit to get your house in order. Whether you take that literally and go on a tidy-up rampage or apply it to your inner space. De-clutter is the magic word. A clean, tidy, well-organized environment (or head-space) can do wonders for your productivity. 


Creativity, Children (Venus in Virgo, 5. House): Venus is a welcome visitor in the fifth house. Romantic, artful, sophisticated. Use this transit for creative projects. Her eye for detail really comes into play – nothing will get by her!


Health, Work, Service (Venus in Virgo, 6. House):

The sixth house is Virgo’s natural domain. Venus passing through signifies a restless and industrious busybody. She never sits still. At times, she can be a bit preoccupied with diet and nutrition, and fitness in general. Remember, it’s meant to be fun!


Partnership, Relationship (Venus in Virgo, 7. House):

Venus is right at home in the house of Love, but in Virgo, she can be a bit nit-picky. Reality does not always match her expectations. This Venus is hard to please.


Shared Assets, Inner Resources (Venus in Virgo, 8. House):

Venus’ analytical skill is a useful asset for sniffing out promising opportunities. She gains a lot of strength from her acute and differentiated understanding of the facts and wastes no energy on people, things, or projects that are unlikely to pay off.


Travel, Study (Venus in Virgo, 9. House):

Although Venus loves to travel, a Virgo ninth house sets high standards. If you are thinking of going on a trip somewhere, make sure all the details are planned out. The planning process generates a sense of competence and clarity, even when facing unexpected situations.


Career, Status (Venus in Virgo, 10. House):

This transit signals a fortuitous time when hard work pays off. It feels good to be acknowledged by those who count. A little favour, a promotion, or support from higher-ups, can be a great source of motivation.


Community, In-Group (Venus in Virgo, 11. House)

Every group needs organizing skills, and better still when they are coupled with people skills! Aim to find the good in the people or situations you are trying to manage. Guide gently, and empower others by sharing your knowledge and skills.


Spirituality, Transcendence (Venus in Virgo, 12. House)

In the twelfth house, Venus needs to learn acceptance and forgiveness. Practice gratitude and mindfulness. In the greater scheme of things, everything has its place, and everything matters.