Mercury is transiting Cancer

July 11 – July 28, 2021

After a long stay in its own sign, Mercury dives into watery Cancer. In Cancer, Mercury’s modus operandi is intuitive but also irrational. He derives his conclusions from his ‘gut feeling’, never mind hard evidence. It can be frustrating to argue with such a Mercury since he simply does not accept logical arguments as facts.

Instead, Mercury in Cancer is apt to overreact to emotionally charged triggers. He is rather sensitive and hyper-aware of others opinions, attitudes, and feelings (real or imagined). But, if his perceptions are distorted, his reactions will be irrational, making mountains out of proverbial molehills. He can be sentimental, moody, and nostalgic and is given to rumination, going over and over old stuff without being able to let go.

Cancer is primarily concerned with his comfort zone – the home and family (including extended family), or in a broader sense, the community or nation.

Under pressure, he reaches for defensive strategies: denial, avoidance and, deflection is his go-to responses. Mental or emotional stress can also manifest as psychosomatic symptoms: headaches, sleeplessness, indigestion, or even IBS.

But let us not be too glum. Mercury in Cancer also has a positive side. His intuitive way of understanding people or events is very insightful. His empathy makes others feel seen and heard and cared for. Real heart-to-heart sharing has become a rare thing, so this gift is very precious indeed.

He perceives the magic inherent in commonplace, everyday phenomena, and if he is able to express that magic poetically, he can touch hearts and souls everywhere

Mercury is a fast-moving planet. He will stay in Cancer only until July 28. Thus, this transit will be felt more as a passing mood. Only people with Cancer planets or significant angles in the cardinal signs are likely to feel the effects personally.

Self-Expression (Mercury in Cancer, 1. House)

A highly sensitive transit. Mercury is super susceptible to what he thinks others might be thinking. He can be scheming in an effort to assure himself of other’s loyalty.

Money and Values (Mercury in Cancer, 2. House)

Passing through the 2. House, Mercury in Cancer is the astrological signature of ‘retail therapy’. He is looking to buy or barter for security and comfort, hoping it will restore or prop up his emotional balance.

Friends and Kin (Mercury in Cancer, 3. House)

Get-togethers with close friends and siblings can offer much needed emotional support and nurture. Emotional bonding reaffirms personal loyalties and builds a sense of trust and intimacy.

Home and Family (Mercury in Cancer, 4. House)

Focus is on the home as a personal comfort zone. Home life might be a bit more lively than usual. Quality time with the family is a source of strength and resilience in difficult times.

Children and Creativity (Mercury in Cancer, 5. House)

When Mercury passes through this part of the horoscope, the focus is on kids and creative play. Whether you are making time to have fun with your actual children or allowing your inner child to play – it is likely to give you a sense of rejuvenation.

Work and Health (Mercury in Cancer, 6. House)

Expect to be busy, so make sure to implement a nourishing self-care routine. You’ll not be of much help to anyone if you are running on empty. Your presence and empathy are the best gifts you can give to others.

Love and Relationships (Mercury in Cancer, 7. House)

A great transit for having a good time and some real heart-to-heart conversations. Emotional intelligence, empathy and authenticity are key to deep bonding. However, beware of insecurity, which can turn into emotional manipulation.

Shared resources and power (Mercury in Cancer, 8. House)

Shared resources and assets can be an emotionally charged issue. Nostalgic sentiments and loyalty issues can lead to very touchy negotiations.

Travel and higher education (Mercury in Cancer, 9. House)

A Mercury transit through the 9th house always indicates an increased appetite for travel. Ideally, he will travel with his own ‘shell’ (e.g. camper van) for independence or stay in a home away from home for maximum comfort.

Career and status (Mercury in Cancer, 10. House)

There may be fluctuations at work that demand a certain degree of flexibility and adaptation. Intuition guides decision-making, but the gut alone is not a good guide. Demanding loyalty will get you ‘yes-men’, but not the people you can really rely on.

Groups and the social sphere (Mercury in Cancer, 11. House)

When Mercury passes through this segment of the natal chart, group activities such as working on a common cause or project can foster a sense of social coherence, interdependence, and belonging.

Transcendence and self-undoing (Mercury in Cancer, 12. House)

Mercury in the 12. House seems like a natural transit for self-isolation. When Mercury passes through this section of the horoscope, it is a good time to withdraw and take time out for reflection and introspection. Avoiding difficult issues can give the impression of hiding something, which can lead to misunderstanding. If something is important, make the effort to say so.>


Image by Kadumago artista conceitual Kadumago from Pixabay