New Moon in Cancer, July 10, 2021


The New Moon in Cancer presents a perfect opportunity to be still. Take a deep breath and allow yourself to recharge your batteries. Even though a lot is happening at the periphery, there is calm in the eye of the storm. Find your centre and focus on self-care. Cancer is a sign of nurture, of reflection and the inner workings of the soul. Listen to your dreams and intuitions.

Sun/Moon semi-sextile Mars/Venus

Mars and Venus are conjunct in fiery Leo and cast a semi-sextile to the Sun and Moon. Emotional intimacy enhances the attraction between the sexes. But on an inner level, this combination of influences is also inspiring, especially regarding creative self-exploratory inner work.

Sun/Moon Sextile Uranus

Uranus is never subtle. He comes as a sudden flash of insight or inspiration, a chance encounter or unexpected event that may plant the seed for a new course of action.

Venus conjunct Mars

Mars and Venus are conjunct in Leo – this is a warm-hearted and passionate combination. Sparks are flying, some may catch fire. It also signifies a ‘hot’ time for creatives: the energy is high and full of zest to manifest whatever it is that is stirring up your passion.

Venus trine Chiron

We need to come together to heal our hearts and souls! After a seemingly endless time of ’social distancing’ connecting and getting together is back, in many places. As a social species, we crave personal, emotional and physical contact. Only the Goddess of Love can heal some of the emotional damage that has been done.

Mars/Venus square Uranus

Uranus is an oddball: quirky, abrupt, brash, disruptive and sometimes egocentric. In combination with Mars and Venus, the square can threaten the peace and security of the Mars/Venus party. This summer of love is not quite as unimpeded as we would like it to be. 

Saturn trine north node

Saturn’s trine to the North Node points to an easing of social restrictions. However, as authorities ease restrictions, taking personal responsibility for one’s own and other’s well-being becomes ever more vital to maintain the freedoms regained.

Saturn sextile Chiron /square Uranus

This combination of influences captures the ambivalence that is widely felt about the current public health state of affairs. On the one hand, the virus seems to be better controlled and less threatening now, during the summer. But on the one hand, there is the background threat of a sudden emergence of a new variant, or a rampant re-emergence of an existent one, that may cause havoc at any time. For the moment, the forces are locked in an ambiguous truce, but the tongue on the scale could tip in either direction at any moment.

The seemingly ’safe’ normality to which we are now returning is superficial and may not hold. For the time being, regained freedoms can be enjoyed, but this is not the end of the story, just yet.