On June 27, Venus moves into Leo, where she will stay until July 22, 2021. Leo is a romantic and fun-loving sign for a vivacious Venus. Unfortunately, her stay does not last long, so we’d better make the most of it! 


Leo is a fire sign, known for its exuberance, and Venus loves its pleasure-seeking tendencies. She wants to have fun and delights in little luxuries – and of course, she deserves her treats! But she is also kind-hearted and generous, and freely shares her blessings with her friends. After all, she needs a court of admirers.


In Leo, Venus is a firework of creative energy, and she burns with passion. However, Saturn currently resides in Aquarius, the sign opposite Leo, so creative play is not quite as uncomplicated as it otherwise might be. Saturn is a cautionary principle that has a tendency to hold back. This can produce anxiety that can be felt as self-consciousness and perfectionism. Other people’s opinions matter a great deal.


At times, Venus in Leo can also be a bit of a Diva, displaying an air of pride and vanity. This is likely to be a symptom of overcompensation, and she may secretly suffer from self-doubt (imposter syndrome!) But once she learns to love herself and ditch her dependency on others’ approval her natural self-confidence will radiate and become a great source of inspiration.  


Venus is a fast-moving planet, which means that the effects of this transit will be felt fleetingly. Those, who experience it as a direct transit to planets and angles in their personal horoscopes are most likely to feel a noticeable effect. 


Venus in Leo in the 1. house (Self-Presentation, Persona)

In a Leo first house, Venus naturally treats the world as her stage. She radiates self-confidence, warmth, and charisma and has no problem attracting attention. This is a great transit to make a first impression. Just don’t overdramatize the act – Venus’ natural charms will do the trick just fine.


Venus in Leo in the 2. house (Money, Values)

A Venus transit through the second house is a time for splurging on the things you love. Venus in Leo adores her treats (and of course, she deserves them, too!) This is also a generous Venus that likes to share her blessings with her friends.


Venus in Leo in the 3. house (Friends and Kin, Mental Processing)

This is a lively time and having fun with friends and siblings is high on the list of priorities. Creative playtime or going on a short trip together is a great way to bond. This outgoing Venus transit is also a wonderful time for meeting new people.


Venus in Leo in the 4. house (Home and Family)

When Venus passes through the house of home affairs, family reunions are under an auspicious star. If the home is your castle, and you are holding court, Venus puts on the show. Alternatively, (or simultaneously?) she might also give you ideas for creative home improvement projects.


Venus in Leo in the 5. house (Creativity, Children)

Leo governs the fifth house, and this Venus transit promises an extra dose of creativity and fun. It is a pleasure centred transit: enjoy romantic dinners, partying, or just plain old self-pampering – Venus delights in it all.


Venus in Leo in the 6. house (Health, Work, Service)

The sixth house is not exactly compatible with Venus’ priorities – she isn’t a natural-born workaholic. More likely, she will put on her bossy boots and delegate tasks. After all, someone has to direct the show and take the credit. 


Venus in Leo in the 7. house (Partnership, Relationship)

 This is a wonderful transit for matters of the heart: fun-loving, warm, romantic, and giving! In the house of relationships, Venus in Leo is looking for romance. Make the most of it, and enjoy it to the max. 


Venus in Leo in the 8. house (Shared assets, inner Resources)

In the eighth house, Venus’ has got her mojo working. Her big heart and generosity are her greatest assets, and they work like a charm, sowing the seeds of reciprocity. Giving is receiving.


Venus in Leo in the 9. house (Travel, Study)

Venus in Leo loves travelling in style: little luxuries and self-indulgences make her feel special, and that’s what it is all about. Arts and culture are her lens on life and are always an enrichment. 


Venus in Leo in the 10. house (Career, Status)

A Leo tenth house is very self-determined. Venus here just wants to do her thing! Her creative passion is irrepressible. Given free rein, Venus can really blossom here, as long as she is not overly concerned with other people’s opinions. 


Venus in Leo in the 11. house (Community,Team, In-Group)

Venus in Leo likes to be the centre of attention, and a social group provides her with a ready audience.  She can make a very charismatic and warm-hearted leader and takes pride in the group’s achievements.


Venus in Leo in the 12. house (Spirituality, Transcendence)

A Venus transit through the twelfth house is not quite as fun-oriented as her visits in most of the other houses. But, if she can put aside her self-interests and instead shine her warm light on those in need, there is no doubt that she will reap the rewards. The more introverted nature of this transit may be very beneficial for coming to terms with issues of self-acceptance and self-compassion. Art therapy could prove a very insightful way to use this transit.

Image by János Bencs from Pixabay