Venus is in Aries, May 2 – 28, 2022

For almost all of May, Venus is transiting Aries. Let’s take a look at what to expect from this transit.


Feminine Archetype of Power and Leadership

Venus in Aries is an image of a fearless warrioress. She knows exactly what she wants and is determined to get it. Venus in Aries is no push-over, but a feminine archetype of power and leadership.

While the prospects of glory motivate Mars in this sign, Venus is motivated by righteousness. Venus is all about relationships. In Aries, she will stand up for her rights and those of others. Joan of Arc or Boadicea are perfect examples of the Venus-in-Aries archetype. She is determined, fiery and ready to fight tooth and nail to defend her children, her family, and the causes she cares for.


Artistically intrepid

Venus in Aries can also be a creative pioneer. Venus in Aries approaches her artistic endeavours as an act of radical self-expression. Creating art is a powerful act of pushing the boundaries to make a statement. If art is her thing, it will mean more to her than just creating works of beauty.


Waging Peace

Venus in Aries can be demanding, and she is not one to cross swords with. From her perspective, compromise is akin to sacrifice. In conflict situations, it’s hard to find a middle ground.

Aries is a cardinal fire sign and Venus takes on the wilful, passionate, and daring qualities of the Ram. Her outspoken and independent attitude can get her into trouble, even though she probably does not mean any harm. It’s just that social norms and conventions simply get in her way, and Venus in Aries wants to be authentic.


Radical self-care

When Venus moves through Aries, push forward with your creative projects and acknowledge your own needs and wants. Dare to be a bit more assertive to fulfil them.


As Venus is a fast-moving planet, her transits are not very noticeable. They are more like fleeting vibes and sometimes coincide with certain events. But they are most salient when Venus makes direct aspects to natal planets or positions.

Self-Presentation, Persona (Venus in Aries, 1. House):

The Ascendant and the first house are about how we present ourselves to the world. Aries on the Ascendant is usually not coy. When Venus moves through the first house, she walks up on stage as if it was all hers. This transit brings an extra portion of confidence and charisma.

Psychologically, Venus stands for our sense of self-worth. In the first house, she projects herself unabashed. That may or may not be appropriate. But projecting an air of self-confidence can take us quite a long way toward our objectives.


Money, Values (Venus in Aries 2. House)

The house of money and values is Venus’ natural domain. Venus loves beautiful objects. In Aries, she can turn into a competitive shopper. Think rampant impulse buying. She simply has to have whatever she wants whenever she wants it, which usually means right now! Caution: Such shopping adventures can come with a pre-programmed ‘morning-after’ effect.

Psychologically, Venus likes to show off her self-worth, and she does so by buying small, or better still, big treats. But underlying the show could be a lack of self-worth that she is masking with the display.


Friends and Kin, Mental Processing (Venus in Aries, 3. House):

Among close friends and siblings, Venus in Aries is in charge. She needs to learn to be assertive and direct in her communications without instantly swinging the battleaxe.

Psychologically, her assertiveness can be a sign of overcompensation if she feels she is not being heard.


Home and Family (Venus in Aries, 4. House):

When Venus passes through the fourth house, get ready for a lively time in the domestic sphere. This energy is ideal for tackling home-improvement tasks, but can also manifest as an episode of passion and drama. Psychologically, when Venus transits this house, we need to defend what we care about at home. Typically, this can manifest as fighting for the right to have some time or space for yourself at home. Think radical self-care!


Creativity, Children (Venus in Aries, 5. House)

In the house of creativity, romance and children, Venus has plenty of options to express her flamboyant self. There is plenty of excitement in the air and energy for new projects and creative ideas. There just may not be enough time in the day to do them all, and it may not be easy to settle for just one. Psychologically, Venus in Aries wants to be admired, for her creations and criticism can be painful. Simply allow yourself to follow your creative impulses and ignore the nay-sayers.


Health, Work, Service (Venus in Aries, 6. House):

Transiting Venus energizes our everyday routines. Venus in the sixth house likes to be helpful and supportive. She can mobilize a lot of energy, but tends to overdo it. Taking care of the work/life balance is especially important during this transit if you don’t want to pay the price later, health-wise.

Psychologically, the sixth house is about service, and Venus is happy to work hard to make a success of whatever she tackles. But Aries demands that she take care of herself and not burn the candle down for someone else’s sake.


Partnership, Relationship (Venus in Aries, 7. House):

In matters of the heart, Venus transiting an Aries seventh house might ignite an old flame or kindle a new one. It will probably be a fiery encounter, as Venus in Aries can be incredibly ‘hot’, and impossible to tame. When we project Venus onto our nearest and dearest, we must deal with their demands, which may or may not be compatible with our needs. Psychologically, this transit brings us face to face with our needs and wants. Sometimes, it takes our significant others to assert their needs for us to pay attention to our own. After that, it is a matter of negotiation – which can become a heated affair.


Shared Assets, Inner Resources (Venus in Aries, 8. House):

In the eighth house of shared assets and resources, Venus shows that relationships, especially with women, are a great resource. But we can learn from the Aries myth that we must honour those that come to our aid and should never take them for granted.

Psychologically, the lesson here is about interdependence.


Travel, Study (Venus in Aries, 9. House):

The ninth house is all about expanding our mental horizons. When Venus activates this house, our world view might be challenged by a friendship or love affair with someone from another culture.

Psychologically, in the ninth house, we make sense of the world and find our own position. Our beliefs and philosophical constructs give shape to our self-value. For example, Good Samaritans are humble people whose sense of self-value stems from their elevated sense of ‘moral virtue’.


Career, Status (Venus in Aries, 10. House):

Venus in the tenth house rarely has qualms about promoting herself. Take this transit as a push to ask for that raise or promotion. But don’t just blow your own horn. Venus rules Libra! The best way to get what you want is to give the other person what they need!

Psychologically, Venus in the tenth house is ambitious. Her sense of self-value ties in tightly with her achievements and status.


Community, In-Group (Venus in Aries, 11. House)

The eleventh house puts the focus on group identity. Our role within a group of like-minded people can enhance our sense of identity. But naturally, Venus wants to be the centre of attention. Others might not like her bossy style. Leadership is most effective when it facilitates group coherence, so everybody pulls at the same end of the rope.

Psychologically, Venus in Aries wants to be admired for her leadership. But she wants to do things her way, which, in a group context, does not always go down well.


Spirituality, Transcendence (Venus in Aries, 12. House)

The twelfth house is perhaps the most challenging for a Venus transit, especially in Aries. In this house, the ‘I’ becomes most painfully aware of its separation from the great cosmic whole. Venus may seek to affirm her sense of self-value through self-denial or asceticism as a kind of self-sacrifice. But this is not healthy. Spiritually, we need to understand that the perceived separation is an illusion. The path of spiritual redemption goes through your own heart.