May Overview

When May arrives, anticipation is high. Spring is here at last and the energy is buzzing!

The turning of the season comes with some good news. By recent standards, May looks refreshingly undramatic. Sure, there are a few squares, bringing momentary tensions, but the high intensity that we have grown used to seems to be subsiding. At least for now.

May 1 – 5

On May 2, Mercury trines Pluto, which seems to suggest a call for a change of attitude – and not just lip service. Of course, not everyone agrees and there is likely to be a reaction – perhaps on May 5, when Mercury squares Jupiter, and the Sun squares Saturn. That sounds like resistance to me.

On the bright side, Chiron and Uranus will be forming their last exact semi-sextile of the current series on May 3. This aspect has been a prominent feature throughout the pandemic. With any luck, the fact that they are beginning to separate may be an indication that we are about to turn a corner. Of course, not overnight. Rather, as all transits, there are phases of mounting tension followed by a release, and these cycles often repeat in threes – or more. It takes a while before the aspect loosens its grip. Give it a few more months and watch this space.

On May 4, Mercury enters Gemini. He will stay in his domain until July 11.  In Gemini, Mercury is usually buzzing and eager to socialise – at least until he turns retrograde on May 29.

May 6 – 12

Venus trines Pluto on May 6. This is a powerful and instinctual vibe. Nevertheless, it can be used in different ways. Venus is not only the Goddess of love but also presides over art, beauty and while in Taurus, she is very much a Goddess of nature, fertility and abundance.

On May 8, Venus moves on to square Jupiter. If you have been overindulging in all this Venusian voluptuousness you may be feeling the hangover now. However, on May 9, Venus enters Gemini, which signals a socially active period ahead. Best to pace yourself.

The New Moon in Taurus on May 11 appears a bit out of focus. Mercury trines Saturn while Mars squares Chiron and sextiles Uranus the next day, on May 12. The message is a bit ambivalent. Stay flexible and open-minded so you can adapt more easily to sudden changes.

May 13 – 19

The biggest planetary event this month is Jupiter’s entry into Pisces, on May 13, although he does not stay there very long.  It is just a first excursion into Piscean waters.  In June, Jupiter goes retrograde and he will re-enter Aquarius in July. Jupiter co-rules Pisces and Neptune, its other ruler, is currently there too. This could herald quite a sea-change, although it won’t fully manifest on this first entry. But, do watch for the undercurrents.

On May 17, the Sun trines Pluto, which is now retrograde. Ambitions may be strong, but will the power be flowing? The retrograde motion suggests it will be a bit hard-earned if it is.

May 20 – 26

Another energy sweeps in on May 20 when the Sun enters Gemini and Venus trines Saturn. The very next day the Sun forms a square with Jupiter. The urge for expansion, growth, movement and social connection is great, but we must still be careful. Jupiter tends to overindulge – which usually has its consequence – which could show when Saturn turns retrograde on May 23, the same day Mercury’s squares Neptune.

The theme is also picked up by the Full Moon in Sagittarius on May 26, which happens to be an eclipse. The Full Moon squares Jupiter while Venus squares Neptune on May 27. Optimism and wishful thinking alone won’t change reality.

May 27 – 31

The month ends poignantly with Mercury and Venus forming a conjunction on May 29, just as Mercury turns retrograde. If you have been wanting to go on a spiritual or creative retreat, now is a perfect time.

Mars sets the final tone with a trine to Neptune on May 31, while Venus semi-squares Uranus. This could ruffle some feathers, especially when considering the greater picture, that Saturn, now retrograde, is closing in on Uranus again. Their second exact conjunction is something to look out for in June.

All in all, the vibe is optimistic in May, but being too impatient and eager to move on may result in unwanted consequences. Make the most of May, while you can – but stay alert and responsible as well!