Whoohoo! Mars is out of the water! He has left fishy Pisces and like a hot-headed ram, stormed full-throttle into his own sign of Aries. Of course, all planets are happiest in their own signs. But for Mars, it is particularly liberating. At long last he is in a sign that does not water down his boundless energy or tries to hold him back, reminding him of tedious things like ‘appropriate behavior’ or discipline.

In Aries, Mars can let rip and charge ahead with whatever he has set his mind to. The only problem is, there are still other people around who might disagree or feel offended by the way he pushes his weight around. Tact is not really part of his behavioral repertoire. And thus, his willful and sometimes selfish energy can get him into trouble. Not that he cares, very much. He is likely to just brush it off or blast any discontent out of the water. But that is exactly where it can get sticky. Not everybody cowers when Mars hoots his horn. There are people who will stand their ground and blast back. When Mars moves into Aries sparks can and often do fly. Be prepared for open confrontation.

For those who are used to doing things their own way, Mars in Aries may provide some extra oomph. But it may be a whole lot more difficult to cooperate under this influence unless one is willing to submit his lead.

Mars is happiest pursuing some goal, taking on a challenge, some task that lets him prove his courage, and allows him to shine. It feeds his self-image as ‘the hero’ archetype’. And he loves nothing more than to be the champion of some worthy cause. If you can harness his power to fight your particular corner you have a tireless source of energy from this member of your inner team. So much so that he will wear you out. It is easy to overdo things during a Mars-in-Aries transit as one may feel invincible. But of course, everybody has their limit. And it is important to know when and where to stop. If one can’t accurately judge that limit and one runs the risk of total exhaustion, which can lead to burnout.

If this Mars transit forms challenging aspects to natal placements it can also result in tension and frustration. Frustrated Mars energy is dangerous as it can go off in explosive ways.

How this transit might manifest in a personal horoscope can be weighed by examining the house it transits and the aspects it casts in the natal chart.

As far as the global situation is concerned, this transit is pretty significant, despite the fact that Mars is an inner or personal planet. However, this transit of Mars moving through Aries is worth taking note of since it will last for a really long time. Normally Mars takes about 6 weeks to move through a sign. But this time, he will go retrograde, too, prolonging the period it stays in his own sign to about 6 months, until January 6, 2021.

Mars will be retrograde from September 9 – November 14, 2020

This is plenty of time to have a real impact even on world-events, and given our volatile situation, it gives plenty of areas of concern. Mars enters Aries right at the time of the Jupiter/Pluto conjunction which does seem like a cause of concern. The situation is risky.

 Change is in the air, but the question is, how will it come about? We don’t know yet, but with Mars in Aries, it should be pretty clear when the time comes.

Brace yourself and take a deep breath. This is a good time to build resilience.

Self (1. House)

When Mars passes through this segment of the horoscope, especially in Aries, it adds a lot of extra oomph to whatever it is one is doing. People will take notice when you appear on the scene. Your self-confidence should be high and this alone may carry you through. However, you may also find yourself a bit more accident-prone than usual. Mars tends to jump in head first, without stopping to see if anything is in his way.

Money and Values (2. House)

Mars passing through the second house is likely to be passionate about a cause. Actions speak louder than words – and he is out there doing whatever is required. Whether pursuing a goal, championing a cause, or playing a competitive entrepreneurial game, the scope of expression is broad, but the fighting spirit and competitive edge are the same.

Friends and Kin / Communications and Learning (3. House)

Mars passing through the 3rd isn’t known for smooth-talking or skillful diplomacy. In this section of the chart, he is restless and fired up and driven by his ideas. That extra energy is great, but be careful not to blast everybody around you out of the water. There is a lot of potential for arguments.

Home and family (4. House)

The fourth house is not really a Marsian comfort zone. He feels rather restricted in the sphere of the home and can be more irritable than usual. The best way to channel this energy is probably to do some home improvements or maybe even move house. Family life could be more turbulent than usual.

Children and Creativity (5. House)

In the 5th house, Mars feels naturally boisterous. This is a great time to get into some sports or physical activity. Creativity also gets a boost. Above all, it is a time for letting your inner child out to play. But try not to be the bully in the playground just because you feel invincible!

Work and Health (6. House)

Mars in the 6th house in Aries is a  bit of a workaholic. The boost of energy makes others think you are the Duracell Bunny – unstoppable. But eventually, even that battery will go dead. Be careful not to overdo it. There is a danger of burnout here. Other stress-related health issues could also come up.

Love and Relationships (7- House)

When Mars passes through the house of relationships we can expect a few sparks to fly. This could be the passionate kind or the combative type. Some couples seem to need this kind of friction. It makes them feel passionate and making up is oh-so-wonderful. In any case, in this sign, Mars is out to get what he wants, one way or another.

Shared resources and power (8. House)

Mars transiting in Aries through the 8th house can be challenging. There is always a delicate balance between ‘give and take’, and how we deal with our personal and shared resources. There is certainly plenty of potential for conflict when it comes to working out how common assets and resources should be shared or divided.  The 8th house is also interested in magical matters, as well as existential questions of life and death. Mars passing through this house could indicate a heightened interest in the psychological/mental sphere.

Travel and higher education (9. House)

Mars transiting through an Aries 9th house is likely to be looking for an adventure, He loves a challenge, and going off in pursuit of whatever goal he sets himself is just his kind of call.  However, while it seems like travel will be possible again during this transit (at least some of the time), it is a risky business. Mars is not risk-averse. That doesn’t mean he doesn’t need to be careful. The 9th house is also the domain of higher education. Perhaps a journey of the mind would be more fruitful.

Career (10. House)

If Mars is passing through this section of your horoscope, then- go for it! This is a great time to pursue your dreams and charge ahead. It is the signature of a natural leader. Run with it! But remember that ‘leading’ and ‘dominating’ are two different things.

Groups and the social sphere (11. House)

When Mars passes through this house it is a good time to get involved with some social network or group. Although Aries prefers to do things his own way, he is great at championing a cause and this ability finds the perfect stage in this section of the horoscope. However, be prepared for power struggles as others may have their own ideas.

Transcendence and self-undoing (12. House)

Mars in the Aries in the 12th house is pretty resistant to ego-dissolution. A transit through this house can be a good time for a vision quest. It is the image of a spiritual warrior, who like Odin, goes into the wilderness to find himself by hanging from the world-tree, learning to read the runes.